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Pain is Only a Construct

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 8:51pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jarrell Weiss

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Brig
Timeline: PCH-16 1430 Hours

Alethea was looking over some final papers in preparation for the interrogation. To be fully ready she had made sure to have every single record of the Petty Officer retrieved and read through. She was determined to know more about the man than he did himself. Meanwhile the room had been prepared; the lights had been dimmed, the chair he was to sit on had been placed just ever so slightly off balance to cause discomfort and the heat was set unreasonably high. These were only the initial measures.

"Captain, we are ready to bring him in" A Marine said, Alethea turned around and nodded. "Very well, let's get started."

The blonde enlisted officer, somewhat taller than Graystone, was dragged into the room and pushed onto the unbalanced chair in the centre of the room. No longer were there any signs of blood or major injury having been fixed up by the Doctor for the most part, but the pain of the developing bruise still lingered. "So, is this where you threaten me? Threaten to space me if I don't talk?" he queried, looking directly at the Captain.

In a room behind some one way glass, Colonel Kendal and Major Kilmartin stood watch. As Officer of the Deck, Kilmartin had no real business being involved in the interrogation, but as the former CAG, he had worked with Weiss somewhat on the hangar deck and was there to verify anything that Graystone could not answer. For now, the two senior officers simply watched.

Alethea sat down herself at the opposite end of the table. "Space you. Now why would we do that? We're only looking to figure out what exactly happened. I'm sure you didn't intend to risk the security of the fleet, did you?"

"No," the man told softly as he smiled at the CAG. "It was all one big misunderstanding." He lent forward slightly. "Can I go now?"

"I wish I could let you go so easily, but they won't let me until I leave this room with something solid. How did it all happen?" Alethea asked.

"I don't think it is the bast you need to be worried about Captain," the man smirked as he sat back in his chair and relaxed somewhat. "If I were you, I would be more worried about what is going to happen next," he continued before stopping and leaning forward again. Then, rather strangely, he took in a deep breath. "You know... I never noticed how much you stank before. It's almost enough to make you want to gag," he told rather rudely as he sat back in disgust.

"What is going to happen next? But we already established the past was all an accident. How, then, can you know about what the future is going to hold?" Alethea replied, opting to keep the ruse going and ignore the other comment. Arrogant is just the way she wanted him, it always preceded the fall.

"Tell me Captain," he spoke clearly, choosing to ignore her own comment. "You believe in the gods, don't you? Lords of Kobol and all that?"

If they were to retrieve information voluntarily and leave the prisoner in the best physical state possible for his trial it was best to entertain him on this one. "I do, Petty Officer.”

Amaris folded her arms over her chest as she stood on Kilmartin's right. Sergeant Westbrooks was standing on her right as well, towering over her with an expression every bit as determined. She had no idea where Weiss was going, but if Alethea's carrot didn't work, she would bring in the stick.

Weiss looked at the CAG, intrigued. “Here was me thinking you were smart,” he eventually shook his head disapprovingly. “I thought more highly of you than that. To think you believed in many, when there is but one true god. To know the face of the one true God is to know madness,” he leaned forward further this time, getting the attention of the Marine,in the room. “I see the universe. I see the patterns. I see the foreshadowing that precedes every moment of every day. It's all there, I see it and you don't. And I have a surprise for you. I have something to tell you about the future...” he whispered with a smug smile on his face.

Even if everything else he was saying was bullshit, at least by now they had a pretty good clue about motivation. The guy was a religious extremist but now they just had to figure out how that related to helping the Cylons and if there were any co-conspirators in vital positions. "The future is what we want to know, Petty Officer. Please do tell."

"This is only the beginning," he whispered sadistically. "We have to see this through to the end... " he continued before drastically changing tone. "Do you know the most basic article of faith?" He didn't even give her a chance to respond before answering the question for her. "This is not all that we are. We are all capable of being more, yet all of you, somehow, have managed to become less. The human race... weak, fragile, restricted. It's quite boring really," he then tried to get to his feet. "Mind if I stretch my legs?"

"Soon enough, but then if the human race is so boring. Aren't you boring, weak, fragile and restricted too?" Alethea asked, continuing the line of questioning.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" the man smirked before nodding his head in the direction of the one way glass. "Let me guess, Kendall hiding back there?" he turned to the glass and started shouting. "I'll talk, but only to Kendall and Graystone!" he yelled before looking back at the Captain and closing his mouth in defiance.

Alethea had had enough training in the art of interrogation to know that when the prisoner started making demands it was time to move away from the carrot and fully embrace the stick.

"I really wish you hadn't said that" She said before looking up at one of the Marines who forced Weiss to his feet. "You're going to tell me everything you know now."

Weiss openly smirked. "You suddenly got interesting Captain. Now I know you can be easily goaded and that you're scared of what I have to say and trust me; you should be," he grinned, leaning towards her again and whispering. "You should be..."

Alethea was looking forward to wiping that smirk away. "Place him on the table," She said as the Marine was joined by another and forced Weiss to lie on the table while his arms and legs were held to keep him in place. Alethea grabbed a black hood and placed it over Weiss' head. "You're going to talk soon enough," She added as she grabbed a jug of water and spilled the contents over his head to simulate the experience of drowning.

The man struggled against the restrictions imposed upon him, coughing and spluttering as the water was poured over his head. Once the first jug was done, he called out to her. "I told you I'd talk! To you and Kendall! What the frak kind of idiots are you?"

"Traitors don't get to make demands." Alethea replied after removing the hood. "The XO has more important things to do than deal with some knuckledragger. Now talk or we're doing it all over again and I have a whole lot of water."

"Then you can live with the knowledge that you have sacrificed the safety of this fleet!" He yelled from beneath the hood before adding, "Do what you must."

"We'll find out how you feel in just a minute," Alethea replied, this time getting two jugs of water. She slowly poured out the water over the man's head again, making sure to get everything over the right place. She once again removed the hood. "Ready to talk?"

Weiss coughed and spluttered as the hood was removed and he glared at the CAG before letting out a chuckle. "Go frak yourself," he spat.

"Probably later tonight" Alethea said, motioning for the Marines to tie him to the table. "The body is an amazing thing. Take the soft parts, with the simplest objects you can make someone feel absolute pain and not even leave a mark. You want to find out?" Alethea said as the Marines put soap in towels and began beating him on his stomach. "You want to talk yet?"

Coughing loudly and writhing in agony, the man would surely be forgiven for giving in and talking, but there was something about him that compelled him to stick to his guns. "I want..." he took in breaths in between parts of his sentence, "to talk... to Colonel Kendall..."

"I'm not summoning the Colonel for you, traitor" Alethea said, meanwhile using a pre-agreed signal to motion for Kendall to come in and join the interrogation. The beating however would continue.

Amaris scowled from the next room, her arms crossed under her chest. Something very strange was happening indeed, but what? What was this man's agenda, and who was he working with? Upon noticing Alethea's signal, she stepped out of the secret room and nodded for the marine at the cell door to open it and allow her entry. She entered with the towering Westbrooks silently in tow, her eyes darting back and forth in analysis of the situation.

She had to admit she was happy to have it confirmed that their CAG had fire and steel and was able to do what needed to be done; she would have to keep that in mind for the future. Amaris was determined, however, to get as much information out of Weiss as she possibly could. She stared at him coldly, not saying a word.

"Colonel..." the man whispered, half in pain and half in relief at her presence. "Your lapdog here screwed up big time..."

"There are no lapdogs in this room, Mr. Weiss. Only good soldiers and bad ones." she retorted calmly. "It may be hard for you to tell from that angle, but the good ones are standing in order and the bad one is tied to a table preparing to have his finger-nails popped off."

"If removing my finger-nails is what it took to get you in here, then so be it," the man strapped to the table spoke between pangs of pain. "But you are here for one reason only. You all are. You are here to make your peace with God. You see... God loved you all, more than all other living creatures and what did you all do? You repaid his divine love with sin, with hate, corruption, evil." the man spoke before tilting his head and staring straight into the eyes of the XO. "Do you know what God did then, Colonel?" he asked.

"Your God can go frak himself, Mr. Weiss." she said with a tinge of hatred in her eyes as she considered striking him for playing these games. "Who are you working with? I want names and I want them now. If you'd rather preach, then I'll leave you with the Captain and marines and come back after the sermon. Hopefully your lack of teeth won't effect your delivery."

"God created the Cylons, Colonel," Weiss smirked sadistically from beneath the strapping and the pain. "And they're coming..." he whispered with a giant grin on his face. He then turned his head to stare at the ceiling and muttered his last words. "All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again."

He was disciplined, or crazy, that was for sure. The pain and the fear of pain didn't deter him; his determination reminded her of her father's which made her uneasy, not that she let it show. "I'm already tired of asking you the same questions, Mr. Weiss." she said, turning to Westbrooks and giving him a nod.

Without hesitation, the massive man marched over, seized the fair-skinned man's hand, pressed a thin sliver of metal beneath his index finger, and began to dig at the skin mercilessly.

After nearly a minute of screaming, the nail's strength gave way and it flew off of it's fleshy housing, blood following in its arch. As the red liquid drained steadily, Amaris watched the man with contempt. "Who are you working with?" she asked again, as if for the first time.

"They're coming..." Weiss retorted slowly through gritted teeth, sweat dripping from his forehead and a look of anguish on his face. "You should prepare yourselves," he continued before closing his eyes.

Amaris sighed an annoyed sigh, seeming unphased by the blood and the gore, but frustrated at the man's nonsense rhetoric This was a waste of time. She looked over at the Captain and pursed her lips, giving a slight nod. "If that's all you had to tell me, Mr. Weiss, I'm going to get back to work. The Captain and the Sergeant will continue on this marathon without me." Finishing her sentence, she turned and began her walk toward the exit.

Suddenly, a voice filled the room, almost god-like and out of nowhere. "This is the Commander. Incoming Baseship. Set condition one throughout the fleet and standby for emergency jump!" The words of the Commander were swiftly followed by the familiar sound of the alert siren and then his voice again. "Launch alert vipers. Repeat, launch alert vipers!"

Still with his eyes closed, the traitor smiled. "They're here..."

Turning back around, Amaris looked at him with a new sense of urgency; he definitely knew something. Was he working with the Cylons? Before she knew it, her firearm was in her hand and she had closed in on his position, pressing the cold metal up against his temple. "Tell me what you know, or I swear to whatever frakked up gods you believe in, I'll splatter your brains all over this cell." she whispered angrily.

Weiss slowly turned his head so that the pistol was now firmly placed in the gap between his eyes and he whispered something that only she could hear, something that would worry even her. "I'm a Cylon..." he spoke quietly and clearly before adding, "and we're about to destroy humanity... once and for all."

What he was saying was ridiculous, but she realized that she was needed in CIC at the moment. Her eyes still grew large with frustration and confusion. With anger in her eyes, she pulled her arm back and gave the lunatic a swift smack to the head with her sidearm. As he slumped on the table, she drew herself back to her full height and holstered her weapon. "Captain, get in a bird." she said, then she turned toward the marines in the room, except Westbrooks. "No food, no water, no hope, no end to the pain until I say so."

With that, the Colonel marched for the exit, quickly moving to her action station. She left, but not before bellowing "Don't kill him!" just before the door closed behind her.

Outside the door, Major Kilmartin had waited and once the Colonel exited the brig, he fell into step alongside her. "Dare I ask what he said to you?" the man queried, looking at her briefly.

Amaris walked with Kilmartin down the hall in the direction of the CIC. She gave a genuine grimace at his question; one that countered her usual deadpan. "Right now, we fight the Cylons." was all she said in response and she turned her attention back to the task she'd just referenced

Alethea still wasn't sure what of value the traitor had provided in information but one thing was sure. The guy sure figured out timing. There would be enough time to ponder the specifics later. Now she needed to get to the Hangar and smoke some toasters. "Make sure he is awake to feel everything" She added to the Colonel's orders before leaving the room and heading for her battle station.


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