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Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 12:03pm by Specialist Jamie Perth & Corporal Oliver Haskell

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Sickbay - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 15 - 22:15


The medic had been in the middle of opening a dressing pack over the equipment trolley when he heard his name. Coming from a voice he hadn't expected to ever hear again, one he had tried to forget in order to rid himself of the pain, yet constantly coming back to him during the many sleepless nights he'd endured.

He slowly turned around, partly paralysed in a state of nerves, and saw a young man standing just outside the room, framed by its small entrance. Nothing had changed. Eyes still soft and gentle, tousled brown hair falling to one side, handsome face, even features.

Jamie became speechless, suddenly overfilled with joy and bewilderment and relief. Yet he paused - both of them did, staring back at each other momentarily and wondering if this was a mistake, or a dream, or some sort of hallucination. Neither could quite understand how the other made it out of the murderous holocaust that had swept through the twelve colonies.

He rushed forward, and both men quickly fell into each others' arms, a tight embrace as emotions poured through, causing Jamie to break out in tears. He felt Oliver's hands reaching up to hold onto his face, almost as if inspecting it to make sure it was real, running a hand through his hair before leaning forward, lips colliding clumsily yet passionately. Oliver took full control, which was probably for the best since Jamie was at a complete loss, the kiss they shared obliterating every thought he had moments earlier.

Multiple expressions fought for dominance on Jamie's face until it settled on perplexity. He cupped Oliver's jaw with one hand. "How... how did you get off the surface...? I thought you were dead. I thought I'd never see you again."

Oliver gently wiped a tear off Jamie's cheek. "I was out at Taylors Crossing when the bombs hit Glenvale. Had to sign off a bit of paperwork I had forgotten about earlier that week. A group of us ran across the airfield and got off the surface with a few Raptors. How about you?"

He stuttered. "I... I was in the air, we had just broken the atmosphere... We were transporting a patient from the shipyard to the surface. Our re-entry must've masked us from the Raiders..."

Jamie leaned forward and they kissed again, and then several times more. He didn't care that he was still on duty - there was only half an hour left of his shift anyway, and sickbay was largely deserted by now, save for the skeleton night staff that were yet to arrive. Right now, nothing else mattered more than the young Marine in front of him. All else could wait.

"I missed you so much..."

They remained close, foreheads pressed against each other's, noses gently rubbing, enjoying an intimacy they hadn't shared for far too long. A hand caressing his cheek, their breaths mingling, before Oliver began nuzzling at Jamie's neck.

The medic pulled back somewhat, almost awkwardly. Any further and he reckoned they'd need to get a room. He reached his arms out to tangle around Oliver's neck, pulling in for another tight hug, hands grasping the rough fabric of the Marine's camo jacket.

"Sorry," he said. "Still on duty... but not for much longer." His eyes darted across the room, making sure it was still empty. And as if on cue, the door opened and one of the nurses walked in towards the storage cabinet, barely noticing them.

"Yep, sorry" Oliver nodded, stepping back a little. "Do you... share a duty locker with others?"

He let out a small chuckle. "Yeah. I'm specialist grade. Of course I do."

The young Marine gave a look of disappointment, but for no more than a second. "Right. That's okay. So, umm... is there somewhere I can wait while you finish up?"

Jamie glanced back at the dressing pack he'd been working on. "Uh, yeah... There's the staff room just down that corridor, first door on the right. I'm almost done here. I'll see you there?"

He couldn't believe he was asking for Olly to leave, having not seen him for weeks. Waving Oliver off to the staff room seemed cruel and made him appear distant and cold. But regardless of how he felt, he was still on shift and had a few jobs to attend to.

But Oliver understood, and gave a small smile. "Yeah. See you there." He reached forward to hold Jamie's hand, giving it a squeeze. Before retreating it behind his back and slowly walking away.

Jamie's eyes went back to the dressing pack again once Oliver had slipped out of view, and he stared at it for several long seconds. It'd been less than an hour ago when he essentially admitted to Lieutenant Strenvale that his boyfriend was dead.

'... He didn't make it out of Scorpia...'

Saying those words had provided some sort of closure. A closure he hadn't been ready to accept, but felt forced to. Of course, he had no evidence whatsoever to believe Oliver hadn't made it out alive, but it seemed like the chances were next to impossible. Olly's sudden return felt too good to be true, almost brewing a hint of suspicion within him. What exactly he had to be suspicious of, he didn't know, and frankly didn't care.

If this was going to be just another dream, now would be the right time to stay asleep forever.


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