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Caught In The Dark

Posted on Wed Jun 6th, 2018 @ 1:39am by Specialist Jamie Perth & Corporal Oliver Haskell & Lieutenant JG Victoria Santos [Vixen]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Observation Lounge - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 18 - 01:10

Their rhythm hastened in synchrony. Eyes shut tight, absorbed in a trance-like state as they rode the tidal wave of bliss together, before it eventually died down to leave both of them catching their breaths. And then a long kiss, one that lingered between their lips.

Olly half-stood before collapsing in the next seat. "Holy frack," he exhaled.

Jamie sat himself further up, glad that the observation lounge had generously wide, comfortable chairs. Not dissimilar to premium-class seats offered by certain cinemas a higher price. He looked over at Oliver and grinned, then let out a quiet chuckle. "You should've seen your face."

His breathing still laboured, the young Marine broke out in a laugh, drawing out the last of the energy he had left in him. "Sorry, it's been a while..."

"Nothing to be sorry about," Jamie corrected, leaning over to give Olly's cheek a peck.

They soon fell silent in the dark, reclined over their chairs, holding each others' hands as they stared out the massive window ahead of them, watching the stars twinkle in the distance. Several of the fleet's civilian ships could be seen off to the side, with Solaria taking the lead. The only sound was the low hum of the ship's engines from deep below. Nothing else.

"So, I was gonna..."

Jamie's quiet words were suddenly interrupted by the clang of the door, resonating from the back of the lounge. Relative to everything else it sounded almost like thunder, followed by the annoying creak of its hinges. Both men jumped, with Jamie's own heart skipping at least several beats. They quickly reached to pull up their undershorts, frantically twisting and turning to look for their shirts and pants, which had been twisted off earlier and thrown somewhere on the floor during their moment of sensuous passion.

"Frack! You said no one would come here at this time!" Oliver whispered fiercely.

"No one ever does!" Jamie hissed back.

Their search for clothing was only half successful, with Oliver locating his trousers and awkwardly pulling them on, balancing with one leg at times and trying not to fall over. Jamie only found his fleet-issue undershirt, but before he could slip it on, the observation lounge's newcomer had walked down the aisle far enough to notice their presence.

It was Lieutenant Victoria 'Vixen' Santos. The Viper pilot Jamie had showered next to at the head less than a week ago. The only other person on the ship who'd seen him naked. At least he wasn't fully naked now.

He stood up straight, wearing nothing but his boxer-briefs. Oliver wasn't as quick to notice the officer's rank, but upon doing so also straightened up. This was all horribly embarrassing for both of them.


"You have the hardest time keeping your clothes on around me, it seems." Vixen said with a half-smile as she analysed the situation. Her arms were crossed gently under her chest as she hauled her approach. "Who's your friend?"

Jamie gulped silently. "Umm..."

"Corporal Oliver Haskell, sir," the Marine replied.

"Relax with the 'sir'." she said with a grin. "I was going to sit and watch the stars for a little bit, but it seems like it might be better for me just to leave you two alone."

"No, no," Oli said, as both he and Jamie hastily put on the rest of their clothes. "We were..." he glanced over at his boyfriend, almost with a cheeky grin starting to form at the corner of his lips. "We were just about done, sir," he finished, already forgetting that this lady apparently wasn't a fan of being addressed as such.

Jamie stifled a chuckle. "What... what keeps you up at this hour, Vixen?"

"Seriously with the 'sir', man," she replied with a smile, moving into the room a bit more. "I'm way to curvy and cute to be a 'sir'."

With a confident and light-hearted stride, Vixen sauntered over to the window and lowered herself onto a couch. "Sometimes it's hard for me to sleep; I've had it all my life. When it happens, I normally walk around and think. I can see the two of you are getting acquainted with one another. I see how your working out the grief of losing your boyfriend, Jamie." she said with a grin. "I approve."

Oliver laughed; he watched as Jamie's cheeks became flushed with red, even though it was less obvious in the low light. He looked back at her, "It's been... a while." Then he asked, "And you are...?" he asked, wanting to add 'sir' at the end again, but remembered that she really didn't prefer it.

"Victoria Santos," she responded simply, her eyes following the moving starscape outside the window. "But everyone calls me Vixen. And you?"

"Corporal Oliver Haskell. Colonial Marine." He glanced over at Jamie, then back at her. "I'm guessing you two... know each other?"

She raised eyebrows toward Jamie, her smile still remaining. "And here I thought I was a welcomed guest," she said. "Seriously, I can go, Jamie."

He laughed yet again. "No, no. It's fine, really. We're... done, really." His cheeks felt flushed again, a heat that won't dissipate. "You're more than welcome to stay and... enjoy the stars. Which was exactly what we were doing, Oli," he gave his boyfriend a playful glare.

Oliver sat down on one of the chairs, having fully dressed himself by now. "It's a nice part of the ship. Quiet. Especially at this time of night. Were you coming here to collect your thoughts?"

"More like let them out," she said, shaking her head. "My head get so busy at night that I have to take some time out of the pilot rack in order to get it all out." The pretty woman inserted a finger into her long dark hair and began to twist.

Quick facial expressions darted back and forth between the two men. "Well... We should probably leave you to it then," Jamie suggested. "It's, uh, getting a little late for us both. Early starts for both of us tomorrow..." He shifted his stance in a way to indicate his imminent departure, looking over at Ollie as if suggesting for him to do the same.

"Good night," they both said respectfully, almost simultaneously.

She looked back, chuckling, almost a giggle. "All right, boys. Good night," she nodded, then watched as the couple scurried out of the observation deck.


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