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Lets Boost Morale

Posted on Sat Jun 9th, 2018 @ 6:02pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Commanders Quarters
Timeline: MD 17

Kaylia shifted a little bit and lifted a hand to her jaw, that still was sore. So were her ribs. Heading into the CIC she gave a glance around for Mitchell. Hrm....he wasn't there. Giving a glance again and spotting Yates. Walking over, "Excuse me, where is Commander Hanson?"

Captain Yates gave a glance to the woman, whom he did not particularly care for to start with and now she wasn't asking a question but more demanding an answer? "He is busy, Lieutenant, is there anything I can help you with?"

The lids that covered her violet eyes narrowed a little for a moment before she thought better of not hitting him. "No, Captain. I just have something I would like to speak to him about."

Yates noticed that look but let it slide, "He's in his quarters right now, which he usually is about this time of day. You'd know that if you payed attention, Lieutenant."

Kaylia just sighed a bit, with a shake of her head."Thanks..." muttering under her breath, which no one else could hear, 'asshole.' Shifting on foot to go and work her way down to Hanson's quarters. Wrapping her knuckles on the hatch a few times. "Commander, may I speak with you?"

Mitchell had disappeared to his private quarters, as he often did at this time of day, to complete the first half of his ships log for the day. His logs were meticulous, not a single detail left out since the ships departure from the Twelve Colonies. He'd been asked why he bothered anymore, since he had no one to report to, but the answer for him was simple; history. His logs, journals and those of anyone else who chose to keep them, would be the only record of what happened to the people of the Colonies and, if their civilization were to die out, then others would be able to learn from their mistakes.

The sound of a voice nearby caused him to look up and he gestured for the woman to enter. "Just give me a minute while I finish this," he spoke as he buried his head once again.

Kaylia gave a pause, unlike possibly someone else, she wasn't going to just go in there regardless of being asked to wait. Giving a scratch to her head and kind of looking around for something that or another that wasn't there. Finally deciding to just shift a half step and lean against the bulkhead.

As he scribbled on the paper, the Commander muttered a few words under his breath until he eventually let out a sigh and closed the large book before him. Placing both hands on the table top, he pushed himself to his feet, an audible creak as he did so indicating his aging bones were tired. He looked towards the woman and raised an eyebrow. They hadn't had much interaction, but he was certainly aware of her. "What can I do for you, Lieutenant?" he finally asked.

There was a glance given to the two Marines a moment before she took two steps in. Having not been in his quarters before, Kaylia gave a look around it and in particular, at personal items. "I was wondering if I could speak to you about the fleets morale."

"I wasn't aware you had been designated the fleet's morale officer," he spoke with a smirk as he moved over to his sofa and slumped into it. "What can you tell me that I don't already know?"

She raised an eyebrow, taking his movements as a sign that she could step in farther. "Technically I'm not. However, I am sure you have noticed that is is particularly low considering what we all have had to deal with." Giving a motion to the sofa, "May I?"

The senior of the two nodded as he unbuttoned his jacket a little. "We experienced the end of life as we know it and we are being hunted by a relentless enemy. I'd be surprised if morale was any higher than 'shit'," the Commander frowned as he rubbed his tired eyes.

Kaylia moved over to the side of the room first. Grabbing the two glasses there and the bottle of bourbon. Filling both up three quarters of the way. Shifting to sit down on the couch and hold one out to him. "I have two ideas to help with that." Taking a sip from her glass once he took the other she was offering.

She was certainly very forward, helping herself to what could have been the last bottle of bourbon known to exist. Any other day, he would have called her out for touching his drink but today he just didn't have the energy. "Fire away," he smirked as he took a sip of his drink.

Except she knew it wasn't because she had a full case hidden away she won from Logan. "Well there's firstly the idea that has been going on anyway. Gambling and a barter system. So why not put it to use. We can start up tournaments. Like fights, as well as ones in the simulator. That would give entertainment. The second would be...."

"Okay," the Commander paused as he took a drink, "what's the second one?" he queried.

"People with musical talent periodically put on a 'concert' as it were." Kaylia took another drink, "For example, I can sing and play violin. I don't doubt there are others throughout the fleet that do, or used to, as well."

Hanson looked her deadpan in the face and laughed a hearty chuckle. “Music concerts?” He couldn’t control his laughter as he wiped away a tear from his face. “I never imagined a jock would come in here and recommend some musical concert as a way to let off steam,” he grinned.

She frowned a little bit but after long enough Kaylia started to laugh as well, or at least giggle a lot. "Why not? We do other things than frak stuff up."

"Okay Lieutenant," Hanson nodded as he put his glass down on the table top. "Your idea, you see to it. Let Colonel Kendall know when you want to get the show on the road," he instructed with a nod.

Kaylia groaned and dropped her head a little bit, "I was afraid you were going to say that." Tossing what was left in her glass back.

"On a serious note," the Commander began as he forced himself up from his sofa, "this might be just what we need. A recent death has hit us hard and it let us know we are vulnerable even when the cylons aren't around. We need to do something to bring some peace and happiness into these people's lives. Well done," he smiled.

She got up and got her another half glass of the liquor, sitting down she took another sip. "I understand, and I realize that not everyone is going to think it a good idea. However, we all need things to take our mind off of what we are dealing with."

Kaylia smiled a little, "Thank you for listening and thinking it is a good idea. I will not let all of us down, sir."

"I'm sure you wont Lieutenant," the Commander smiled and nodded. "You're dismissed," he added.

Giving a nod, Kaylia stood up, "Commander." Then left out.


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