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Untimely Demise

Posted on Wed May 16th, 2018 @ 8:12pm by Major Jonathan Kilmartin & Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jarrell Weiss

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Brig
Timeline: PCH-16 1430 Hours

The Colonial Officers responsible for Weiss' interrogation were on their way back to the brig after their victory in battle against the basestar. Amaris had ordered the marines to persist in wearing the prisoner down while they were away and she was unsure what she would find. She was glad she'd given Kilmartin the slip and got a headstart down to the brig, though she was sure to follow after. He was certainly no squeamish boy, but he was an unpredictable element with her. Alethea, on the other hand, was a razor.

The CAG met her on the way and they converged in the hall, continuing toward the brig together.

"Captain." Amaris remarked with her eyes forward.

Alethea had only just changed back from her flightsuit to her dress blues as she approached the XO. “Colonel” Alethea replied, in affirmation.

"I must say, Captain, I'm impressed by your determination today." Amaris said, lowering her voice so that passers-by in the hall couldn't clearly hear her. "You and I are of a certain kind...we're women who are willing to do whatever needs to be done; we're steel and sharpness in the face of adversity."

Amaris experienced a flood of memories from her past. The words of her father and all his other razors. Somehow, she felt their determination still lived on through her. "I'm glad we've got you." she said finally, offering the most genuine smile she'd experienced in the last week.

The Colonel’s words were like music to Alethea’s ears, many officers would have been freaked out by her earlier actions and a majority would even condemn them but the XO seemed to realize perfectly that sometimes horrible actions are needed to reach the needed results.

“Thank you Colonel, it is an absolute pleasure to serve with you”

As soon as the door to the brig opened, Weiss' screams could be heard echoing into the corridor. The room was pitch black except the light coming from the outside as the pair of them stepped in. Amaris recalled her request to clear the section of all personnel being denied by the Commander and she noticed with some annoyance, the surprised and curious glances of some of the passers-by.

The lights to the room came up and the cell door was opened for their entry. As they stepped in, Weiss' heavy breathing could be heard from where he was tied, standing, against the cell. The man was doused with sweat and had been stripped down to his underwear. He was bleeding from several places, but not severely. Two marines stood nearby, cloth sacks full of soap in their hands.

"You'll be happy to know we destroyed the Basestar, Mr. Weiss." Amaris said.

He coughed and sputtered again before glaring at the XO. “Back in the ocean with their brethren,” he whispered.

“What the hell does that mean?” Amaris asked, her brow lowered in a mixture of disgust and frustration.

“We can’t die, Colonel. You can, but I can’t. I can’t drown, I can’t suffocate, I can’t bleed to death,” the man whispered as he rested his head against the bars, never once taking his eyes off of the senior officer. “When I die… when cylons die… we download our consciousness into new bodies…”

“You expect us to believe that you’re a Cylon?” Amaris asked, crossing her arms. “You’ve really lost your mind.”

“How else do you think I knew about the Basestar?” Weiss smiled as much as he could. “You can stand there, saying I’m the one who has lost my mind, but can you really take the risk of not believing me?” he queried between deep breaths.

Despite her conscious mind declaring fully that Weiss must be insane, something inside her made her feel he might be telling the truth on this one. Even back when the Cylons had originally been invented there was already talk about eventually giving them human form. The technology existed and underestimating the Cylon’s abilities had proven wrong before.

Major Kilmartin, having taken a leave of absence from the CIC to get some paperwork done, had decided to take a slight detour to the brig and check in on how the interrogation was proceeding. Since the traitor, Weiss, had seemingly been truthful about the sudden appearance of the Cylon basestar, he presumed that the interrogation would be going a lot smoother. He had, after all, been forthcoming once the Colonel had listened to him as he requested.

As he walked into the brig however, he was shocked at what greeted him.

“What the frak is going on?!” he shouted above the chaos, grimacing at the sight of the traitor, tied against the rails, all battered and bloodied.

Amaris looked over at the man’s arrival. His response was pretty predictable, Weiss was in bad shape and it would be very easy to call this interrogation a torture session based on what he would be seeing.

“Major, It’s good you’re here.” she said, looking back to the prisoner. “Mr. Weiss here was just telling us that he’s a Cylon. Imagine that.”

“Of course he bloody isn’t,” the Major countered as he stepped forward. “If he is a Cylon then I’m the President of the Colonies. He’s a Petty Officer in the Colonial Fleet, regardless of what he has done,” the Major protested. “This isn’t an interrogation, this is torture! The Articles forbid it!”

“He isn’t a Cylon and you aren’t the President, Major.” Amaris responded calmly. “We know that because the President is dead. So is the rest of the Government. So are our families and friends.” she pursed her lips and looked over at Jonathan with a serious gaze. “And that’s why we’re at war. I’m assuming you haven't’ forgotten that fact.”

“No Colonel, I haven’t,” Kilmartin declared in a somewhat more forceful tone than usual as he stepped over to the bars and Weiss before looking back at the Colonel. “We took an oath to defend the Articles of Colonization. If we do this, we are no better than our enemies. This man may be a traitor, but he is still a person and he still has rights!”

“We don’t have to be better than our enemies, Major. Our enemies are machines!” Amaris said, shaking her head. “They are neither good nor bad, they just are. We made them and we frakked up. Now, we have to clean up the mess we made before they kill the rest of us.” she paced toward him two steps and stopped. “As for his rights, the Commander fully intends to give him a trial..once we get the vital information he possesses.”

“You’re telling me the Commander knows what is going on here? That you are beating seven bells of shit out of this man?” Kilmartin scoffed and shook his head, turning to the guards who were holding the prisoner in place. “Let him go,” the Major ordered sternly.

“You will do no such thing until I say so.” Amaris responded, looking at the marines with coldness in her eyes. “You understand our imperative for survival; I know you do.” This was a difficult situation. Now that two contradictory orders were given, it would be up to the marines to decide which way to turn.

“Colonel Kendal,” Kilmartin turned on his heels and stared straight into her eyes. “You are violating the Colonial Articles. Let him go… now.” the Major was exasperated that they couldn’t see how far this ‘interrogation’ had gone. Was he the only one who remembered his oath to defend the articles and the people of the Colonies?

Kilmartin’s behavior was beyond infuriating to her, but she opted for self control instead of escalation. If she had been in command of this ship, she would have put hot steel right between his doughy brown eyes. She wasn’t, however, and she knew that establishing herself in this situation would prove politically...difficult after the fact. She heaved a deep sigh and turned to Weiss.

“Mr. Weiss isn’t mentally fit to stand trial. He’s out of his mind.” she said to Kilmartin even though she wasn’t looking in his direction. “Mr. Weiss, how did you know the Cylons would attack?”

“I am more than you could ever imagine, Colonel,” the traitor spoke, a bit louder this time, almost revelling in the audience. “I knew for one reason only. I am god,” he blurted out, totally and utterly serious.

A very tense moment of silence passed in the room. After a few seconds, Amaris’ gaze slowly shifted to Kilmartin. “Well, what would your recommendation be, soldier?”

“Colonel,” Kilmartin walked over to his senior officer and whispered his response to her. “The man is clearly unstable. He isn’t fit to be interrogated, let alone stand trial. He is mentally ill and needs to be treated by a professional,” the Major looked back at the prisoner before adding, “...not be beaten senseless.”

“We're all God, Colonel!” the traitor Weiss declared, much to the continued exasperation of the Major. “All of us. I see the love that binds all living things together. I know that God loved you more than all other living creatures and you repaid his divine love with sin, with hate, corruption, evil. So then he decided to create the Cylons… he decided to create me and my brethren.”

While the exchange was ongoing between her two superior officers, Alethea kept placing close attention to the prisoner. If he were a toaster it sure seemed like they had programmed the new models with a large ego. “God? You think you were created by God? All of you toasters are the result of one of those companies of sin, corruption and evil looking to make a fortune on your labour. You are tools.”

Amaris looked at Kilmartin, hearing Weiss’ words but choosing not to engage with them. “No one in this room will ever forget this day; the day you sided with a murderous traitor of humanity over the people who really need the protecting.” she said, her eyes narrowing. “We’ll bring in a bed and treat him...humanely.” she paused for a moment and then gestured toward Weiss. “Well, go get your man, Major. We wouldn’t want God to be treated thusly.”

“And I’ll never forget the day that you risked everything our civilization stands for,” Kilmartin told, scornfully and bitter as he looked away from the Colonel in disgust and made for the bars. Once there, the Major shot a glare at the Marines nearby and then removed his pocket knife. He flicked the contraption open and proceeded to slice off the restraints.

Weiss slipped just an inch back towards the floor so his feet were planted firmly on solid ground once again. “Thank you,” the traitor whispered, still leaning against the bars as Kilmartin returned the knife to his pocket. It was at that moment that he struck.

The prisoner, as quick as a flash, reached out with both arms threw the bars and grabbed the Major around the throat with a vice like grip. “You repaid his divine love with sin, with hate, corruption, evil. Now god judges you,” the man declared. “We will kill you all… It is only a matter of time.”

Within a split second, the two marines that stood by had their side arms out and pointed at Weiss. Kilmartin struggled for dear life as he was actually lifted from the ground by Weiss who didn’t seem to be struggling but had a look of pure hate in his eyes.

“DROP HIM NOW!!” Amaris bellowed, shocked by the sudden change that had just occurred.

Weiss made eye contact with the Colonel briefly before looking the Major in the eye, the man seriously struggling to breath. “Thank you Major. This isn’t personal…” he whispered before there was an audible crack and the Major’s body went suddenly limp. Then, as if the near six foot soldier was a childs toy, his body was tossed by Weiss across the room. “As you wish, Colonel,” the former deckhand smiled.

As Alethea heard the crack there was a sense of absolute shock going through her body, she had only recently met Kilmartin but she had learned to respect the man and even got along with him. To see this thing kill him like that, the shock was swiftly replaced with rage.

Amaris eyes went wide and she took a step back, making a hand motion to suggest Graystone do the same. “Marine’s, subdue the prisoner now!” she order, her hand taking hold of her own firearm but not moving to remove it from its holster. The two marines moved in on Weiss at the same time, preparing to put him down.

But Weiss was no slouch. He reacted quicker and smashed an elbow into the gut of the marine approaching from his left, quickly grabbing the soldiers arm and pulling it under and threw the gap between his own body and arm. Tightening his grip so the marine couldn’t move, the deckhand grabbed the pointed firearm and aimed it directly at the other marine. A standoff ensued.

Alethea likewise rapidly pulled her sidearm and focused it on Weiss.

Amaris raised her own sidearm, pointing it at Weiss’ head. After the display of inhuman strength he’d displayed, she knew that he hadn’t been lying when he said he was a Cylon. “Put the gun down, you frakking Toaster or I’ll paint this cell with your circuitry!”

“So now you believe?” Weiss smirked as the marine behind him struggled in vain. “It only took one Major and a battle with a Basestar for you to take me seriously,” he laughed as he released the man’s arm and stood up right. “Maybe now you’ll take what I have to say more seriously…”

Amaris kept her weapon trained on him. “Shackle him to the cell.” she said to the marines.

Weiss was flung against the bars and this time, did nothing to resist as his arms were hoisted up and shackled to the bars. He simply smirked as his eyes rested on the tense looking Colonel once again.

It took everything Amaris had not to empty her clip into the man..or..whatever he was. She hated him with a simmering passion. As he was secured, she turned around and stepped out of the cell, picking up a phone from the wall and dialing CIC.

It took a few seconds before a familiar voice spoke out on the end of the line. “Hanson,” the Commander said simply.

“Sir, I need to meet you in private right away.” Amaris said without announcing herself. Her voice was shaky from the altercation and from her consideration of the gravity of what she’d just learned. “I also want a squad of marines stationed in the brig area; black squad, top secret.”

There was a short period of silence on the other end of the line before the Commander agreed to her request. “Meet me in my quarters. Marines are on their way,” he informed before hanging up the phone.

“Colonel, permission to continue the interrogation” Alethea said, both determination and rage visible in her eyes.

Colonel Kendall looked at Alethea who still stood in the cell. “Once Black Squad arrives, you’re in command down here.” she said, turning to the two marines in the room. “If the two of you tell anyone, it’s treason.”

Alethea nodded. “Yes, sir.” The rage and determination was now joined by a small bit of pleasure as she planned how next to make sure the toaster received retribution for what he had done.

“The Commander will likely be down soon, Captain.” Amaris said, turning toward the door. “Don’t get carried away.”


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