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Overdue Date

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 1:50pm by Specialist Jamie Perth & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 16 - 13:30

Kaylia stretched a little after what went on and her injury. That still smarted a lot. Of course stubborn as hell, pfffft. Stay in her quarters, like hell. She didn't feel like dressing up up in a dress, unfortunately. So she left it with her uniform.

Coming out of her quarters and going along the corridors to Jamie's quarters. Lifting a hand to wrap on the hatch. "We have a date, you better be ready."

Jamie had been in the middle of a conversation with one of his rack mates and paramedic colleague Rick Matheson, when the dull sound at the hatch notified them of Kaylia's arrival. Her words had been blunt and direct, leaving Jamie rather speechless, and glad that he had in fact informed Rick that this date he was going on wasn't actually a real date, or at least that was how he had tried to explain it.

"But I thought you said you found Oliver?" Rick has asked earlier.

"Yeah... But I..." Jamie had hesitated, while putting on something less casual. I collared shirt, sleeves rolled to his forearms, proper pants. "This was organised before Oliver showed up."

His rack mate had given him a curious look. "Right."

Jamie caught Rick's incredulous expression as he stood up, about to leave the room to catch up with Kaylia. He could read Rick mouthing 'are you serious', and gave a shrug in return, before closing the door and quickening his steps to walk alongside the Viper pilot.

"Evening," he said quietly.

She waited while he got things in order, and she could hear the hushed voices a bit. Shifting on foot to lean against the bulk head next to the door hatch.

Kaylia was in no real hurry. Giving a looked to Jamie as it opened and smiled lightly. "Well hello yourself, sugar."

"So... where're we going?" he asked, presuming a civilian ship, as there'd unlikely be any adequate entertainment facilities on the Solaria They'd have to be given authorisation to hire a Raptor off the battlestar.

"Over to the arboretum ship. I though it would be nice. We can walk, talk, look at what we still have." Kaylia gave a nod. "Unless you want to go to the bar that Logan and I did the other night to dance."

He shrugged. "Oh, right. I thought we were going to some party. I'm not too fussed... But I'm not much of a dancer. At least not until I'm sloshed enough with alcohol."

She shook her head, "No, no party. Just us going out for some fun and to relax. Everyone is stressed."

"Ah, right." Jamie continued walking alongside her.

"You haven't eaten yet have you? We could snag a MRE and eat while we walk the arboretum." Kaylia smiled.

Jamie had hoped for something other than an MRE, but he didn't want to complain either. "Sure, sounds like a plan," he agreed. They made their way a little further before he spoke again, "So remember how I told you my boyfriend didn't make it out of Scorpia?"

"You sure that's okay? There is bound to be a working kitchen over there." They got through to the flight deck where they could get on a Raptor headed over there. "Yes, I remember that, if you are bringing it up, does that mean you found out he did make it?" Kaylia stopped a moment to look at him.

Jamie smiled. "Yeah, he did. He made it out, somehow... Found our fleet, and had been drafted to Marine duties for a while. I only found out when one of the doctors at sickbay recognised the photo I'd shown her of Oliver."

"He did!?" Kaylia bounced a little bit. "Where is he? Let's go see him instead! I would love to meet your boyfriend."

He gave a short laugh. "Actually, I'm pretty sure he's busy on duty. Pretty sure it wouldn't be a good idea if we bothered him right now... At least his CO won't be happy about it."

She made a little bit of an annoyed sound at hearing that, "But... but... it's your boyfriend. It's lunch time and we should go see him. You can always blame me."

"But, but, but..." he mocked. "It's not like all the Marines go to lunch at the same time," he suggested. "They still need to keep the rest of the ship safe no matter what time it is." He thought for a moment. "We -could- go to the mess and see if he's there. Probably chowing with a bunch of his overly jock mates."

"And I can and have kicked most of their asses." Kaylia took his hand and tugged. "Let go do this reuniting thing. You deserve it. Hell, all of us do in one way or another."

Jamie's body jerked as she pulled against his arm. They did eventually make their way to the large mess hall, with Kay forcing him to observe the crowds before them to pick out Oliver. It didn't take him long, as he spotted that strikingly handsome face amidst a group of other Marines, still in their usual duty gear but sans helmets, chatting away at one of the tables the way a group of jocks would, the kind of people Jamie was exactly the opposite of during his high school days.

Kaylia followed Jamie's gaze. It was pretty clear on his face one he finally saw Oliver. Giving a squeeze to his hand to stop him. "Let me go first. I'll think of something to say, then you can come up behind."

She leaned and kissed his cheek, letting go of his hand. Heading over to the table. Her Violet eyes looking over the number of them. "Excuse me, Oliver? I know of someone that you might want to talk to."

The other Marines stared at her as she suddenly intruded on their meal time abruptly. Oliver was speechless at first, completely unaware of who this random lady was. She was nonetheless an officer, and so he responded as polite as he could. "I'm sorry, sir?" he said with a frown. How the heck did she know his name?

He then looked across and saw Jamie, who by now felt embarrassed enough, twisting on his heels as if to turn away to cringe, slapping a hand over his face.

She pursed her lips together slightly, "That would be the who." Lifting a hand up to motion Jamie over. "Its nice to meet you Corporal."

Oliver was still somewhat confused. By now Jamie had walked over, seemingly hesitantly. The Marine looked over at him, "What's... going on here?" he asked.

Jamie wasn't quite sure how to explain. "Nothing, really. She's... just one of the pilots I know. Wanted to meet you after... I told her I'd found you." He glanced at the other Marines, all of whom kept quiet considering the presence of an officer.

An eyebrow lifted a moment, "Why am I sensing that you have no idea who Jamie is, Oliver?"

The Corporal shook his head. "Umm, no. That's not true, sir. I do know him." He paused, unsure whether he was supposed to find this intrusion by the Lieutenant acceptable. "I just... didn't quite know you were joining us for lunch."

Kaylia shook her head a little. This was not exactly going how she had pictured. She was looking at it being this romantic reunion moment, at least in her head. "I'll be back in a moment, Jamie, do you want anything to eat instead of the MREs I mentioned?"

Jamie suddenly seemed to understand why she was confused. "We've already... met up and all that," he explained. In fact, they had more than just 'met up', they had caught up on the many things they missed from each other, one occasion of which they'd been caught by Vixen. "Sorry, hadn't invited you then."

Giving a stop and turning around, Kaylia nodded. "Oh. I'm sorry. I did not know, I assumed that you two had no been reunited yet." Giving a look to Oliver as well. "I am sorry for the assumption." Giving a motion to the table, as well as looking at all the Marines there. "May the Medic and a Flygirl join you all to eat?"

He gave the other three Marines a quick look, and they muttered something along the lines of having to head off anyway, and so they picked up their trays and left Jamie, Kay and Oliver alone at the table.

"Hey," Jamie smiled at his partner.

"Hey," Oliver smiled back. "Didn't know you got along so well with the pilots," he said, then looked over at Kaylia. "Visiting the flight crew too often because they hurt themselves doing silly things?"

Kaylia brought the food back over, noticing the rest gone. Which, figured. Setting one tray in front of Jamie before she sat.

"Thanks," Jamie said, taking his share. He nodded over at Oliver. "When're you off duty?"

The young Marine played with his half-finished food with his fork, stirring what appeared to be cold mash. "They've put me on long shift today, so I won't be done until about ten o'clock tonight." He turned over to the female pilot. "Nothing goin' on at the flight deck today?"

There was a shake of her head, "Not really, no." Kaylia took a few bites of her food.

Oliver glanced over at Jamie, then back at the pilot, then back at Jamie with a somewhat perplexed look on his face. Jamie also appeared slightly confused, having expected Kay to be a little more enthused in conversation, seeing as she was the one who suggested they look for his boyfriend at the mess hall.

"I take it you and your pilot mates are keen to rip a few Raiders apart," Jamie tried. "Don't think I'd ever be able to get myself to be so up close and personal with those bloody toasters..."

It wasn't in particular she wasn't enthused. There just really wasn't anything going on at the moment. She was being perfectly honest.

"Of course we are, who do you think keeps your butts in once piece out there." Sticking her tongue out. See, there she was. "Hey, come to think of it. I need guinea pigs."

"Guinea pigs? What do you mean?"

"Well... I had the bright idea of bringing up an idea or two, to the Commander..." Sarcasm in hindsight at the word 'bright' as she said it. "He liked them so now I have to set them up."

Kaylia finished off her food and pushed the tray aside. "First one being a type of tournament. We could, do a test run pitting the Marines and Pilots. Kind of a mixed martial arts thing. Certain number of participants each tier. Leading down of course to the last two for that series."

Oliver chuckled. "A tournament?" He nodded. "Yeah, that sounds like a fun idea. And what's your second bright idea?" he asked.

Reaching up Kaylia scratched at her eyebrow a few times before leveling her head, "Concerts..."

Jamie laughed, looking down at the table and bringing a hand over his head. "Oh gods..." he said. "What, a talent show kinda concert? Singing? Or like with instruments...?"

She gave a glance and leaned back enough to hit the shit out of his shoulder. That was going to leave a hell of a bruise. "Really? You are talking frak about the arts? I happen to have a good singing voice and play violin. Logan also lost a bet so he has to participate as well."

Kaylia gave a grin at that. "As for your question, like concerts. Morale. That was my entire idea behind them. There are fighters. People are going to get away to come to the fights. There are others that will come for the music. Real concerts. Or small things at least."

Oliver nodded. "Unlike Jamie, I think it's a pretty good idea. Gotta let loose a little bit sometimes, until the next Raider or base star shows up. How many people have you recruited? I don't play any musical instruments and I can't sing for shit, but I can probably make something up."

Kaylia gave a little smile, "At least someone likes it." Giving a shake to her head, "Umm... myself and one other so far..."

The marine gave his boyfriend a half-hug and a pat on the back. "I'm up for it, if you get enough people. Jamie will probably need a little more convincing." Then in a quieter voice, like a whisper, "He gets stage fright."

The medic gave the Marine a funny look. "I just prefer not to make a fool of myself in front of an audience," he said. He was about to say something else when the overhead crackled.

"All hands, action stations. Ship is now at condition one. Repeat, all hands action stations."

Jamie thought he could hear several groans from the mess hall crowd, but those were soon drowned out by the sound of people moving along.

Oliver was one of the first to abandon his food tray, standing up from the table. "Gotta go, babe," he leaned down, reached out and held a hand over the side of Jamie's face. They shared a kiss. "Love you."

"Love you too. Be careful..." Jamie replied, watching his man go, before realising he himself was also part of any condition one response, having to report to sickbay and await orders for medical retrieval deployments. He looked over at Kay, "Guess you're off to the flight deck, then?"

Kaylia smiled at the show of affection then glanced up at the alarms. "Well damn. I guess so. I'll catch you later then." Standing up and hurrying out for the flight deck.


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