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Aftermath Collateral Damage

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 1:52pm by Specialist Jamie Perth & Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D. & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis" & Lieutenant Niamh O'Donoghue PsyD

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Flight Deck - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 16 - 15:30

It was evidently clear that Kaylia was hurt, and she was reminded more than once by the deck crew to go to the med bay, which she kept ignoring. Just keeping a hand held on her shoulder. It had -just- missed the collar bone and was a through-and-through.

That did not mean it wasn't a bitch, since there was a half-dollar sized hole in her left shoulder. She kept trying to stay up, but it wasn't working that well. Shaking her head and blinking a few times to keep focus.

"I'm fine, but thank you for the concern, crewman." She was sweating, looked pale and certainly not steady on her feet. Leaning a hand to rest on her damaged baby. She did still need to name her. She'd do that later.

Taking a long breath again, by the Gods that hurt. "Crewman... I think you are r..." And she dropped onto the deck in a heap.

One of the deck crew ran to the comm sets, grabbing it up and putting it up to her ear. "Medical team to the flight deck. We have a pilot down. I repeat, medical team to the flight deck, pilot down."

Jamie had been tasked to respond, and accompanying him was Rick, also another paramedic. Rushing past corridors and junctions, they made their way to the flight deck, without a single clue as to what sort of a medical emergency they'd be facing. Thankfully the ship hadn't taken much damage, and so there was no need for concern (as far as they knew) of structural dangers of their destination.

The two men arrived, eyes darting across the bay to see where the centre of commotion was. The heat from Viper engines filled the deck, some of them still roaring just before being shut down. Several minutes in, and they reached a small crowd, which they ordered to be dispersed. Jamie recognised the casualty - it was Kaylia, the pilot he'd gone on that 'date' with.

She was still conscious, but was pale and in a sweat. Jamie knelt to the ground, slipping off the heavy backpack from his shoulders. Rick did the same and began pulling out the necessary equipment to commence an initial assessment.

"Hey," Jamie said to her quietly, pulling on a pair of gloves. "What happened?" he asked, quickly looking at what appeared to be a bleeding wound over her shoulder.

It was pretty evident just by looking that one of the Cylon bullets pierced the Vipers hull and hit her in the process. Kaylia gave a sigh looking up at Jamie.

"Right," Jamie said, as he clipped the pulse oximeter probe over Kay's right index finger. A set of numbers began displaying over the monitor he had sat on the ground. "Do you think you're injured anywhere else?" he asked, quickly giving what appeared to be a 'pat down' across the pilot's body, as if waiting for her to shout out in pain in case he found another area that was sore.

Kaylia shook her head, and there was no visible winch or appearance of pain while he did that. "Don't think so, no. Just the big hole in my shoulder that hurts all to fracking hell."

Jamie unbuttoned her collar, pulling it apart. He reached for a pair of trauma scissors and began cutting away at the tough fabric, exposing the full extent of the shoulder wound. He ripped open several gauze packs and began applying pressure as she winced in pain, releasing intermittently to re-assess the depth of the injury. He forcefully pulled her forwards, so he could look at the exit wound behind.

The gauze began to soak with dark red. "We need to bring you to sickbay," Jamie said plainly.

Kaylia did not bother throwing a fit that he was essentially undressing her. It was fine, better than bleeding to death. She pushed a little to help leaning up so he could look. It was a clean through-and-through, but the exit wound was two times the size of the entry wound. "I kinda figured as much, sugar."

It appeared, thankfully, that the projectile hadn't transected a major artery - Jamie knew there were several near the shoulder, but Kay's wound was just above the axillary neurovascular structures. The bleeding had quickly reduced to little more than an ooze, but scans would need to be done in order to be sure.

"Arm out," Jamie ordered, requesting for Kay to extend her right elbow. He tightened a tourniquet around the top of the arm, engorging her veins. "This is gonna sting," he said, and with little further warning pushed the sharp cannula through her skin and into the vein.

She literally growled a bit having to do that for him. "Its a good thing I like you, and you're saving me from possibly dying, or I'd knock you on your ass for that. Stupid needles."

Jamie shrugged. "Well, I'm sure if Rick was the one to do it, you would've let him too," he looked briefly over at his colleague, who returned with a scoff. He turned back to her, asking her to do a number of movements against resistance with her elbow and wrist joints, her fingers as well as checking overall sensation, making sure her nerves were working.

"You know they're probably gonna want to take you to the operating theatre to close that wound properly, yeah?" he said.

Kaylia tilted her head a bit, "Why do you think I'd let him do it over you? I know you better and I trust you, sugar." Letting Jamie do and move her as he needed to. "Yes my phalanges work just fine still." Giving a shake to her head, "They may try."

Jamie widened his eyes for a second, as if giving her a 'you'll find out soon' look, and didn't say anything. He applied a compressor over her wound, which now had a bunch of gauze over, and watched as she winced in discomfort. He and Rick then helped her scoot over to the gurney, and soon they were wheeling her out the corridor and towards sickbay.

They were greeted by a small team of nursing staff, as well as Dr Callahan acting as the trauma team leader. Dr O'Hare, CMO, was also present. Jamie provided a quick handover, and helped transfer Kay over from the gurney to the resus bed. "Just let them do what they need," he suggested to her, already predicting how she may be resistant to accept medical help.

"For the record... when done, I want the orange jello. The green tastes like crap." Kaylia nodded and worked with them to get her on the gurney as well as just behaving. Contrary to how they may have thought she'd be or behave. "Just do your jobs, so I can get back to what I do best, kicking ass. I'll behave."

Dr Callahan stepped forward, wearing a surgical gown, her hands in gloves. She carefully peeled back the gauze dressing the medics had applied. The wound was gory, but nothing she hadn't seen before. "Looks like you'll need a bit of surgery to have that patched up," she explained.

"I was afraid you'd say that. I don't want to be out any longer than possible. Can't you like... just stitch me up in an hour, let me go? I also do not want any anesthetic. Or at least not to be put under." Kaylia was still behaving.

The doctor scrunched up her nose. She shot a glance over at the CMO, then looked back at the Viper pilot. "This is an injury that needs to be looked at quite thoroughly, and ideally that should be performed in a clean operating room environment. I don't think we can just close the skin and leave it at that. You don't want to get it infected. That'll frack up your shoulder permanently."

Kaylia snorted, "That's fine with me, just I do not want to be unconscious."

"We'll have to see about that," Callahan said, not promising anything. "We might also keep you in sickbay for at least a day or two after the surgery to make sure things are healing in the right direction. I'm afraid you might be out of action for a short while."

She shook her head, "That isn't going to work, Doctor. I have to be out there helping, keeping us safe."

"By following Dr Callahan, you'll be keeping us safe" Nathan interjected finally. When Callahan got to work Nathan had a tendency to step back and observe. Emergency medicine wasn't his field, but his role demanded a decent level of competence. Thus, he found himself playing observer whenever the sickbay wasn't overrun.

"To send you out in your current condition would place not only yourself in danger, but those that fly with you," the Scorpian explained as he made his way to Kaylia's side. "You need surgery, you will be put under, and then you will rest." His tone left little room for compromise. "When you're given the green light by the medical department, you can zip around in your Viper to your heart's content, but for now this sickbay is the best place you can be if you are sincere in your compulsion to help keep us safe."

Kaylia rest her head back and looked up at the ceiling of the flight deck. "Put under is not an option. I will comply with everything else. Please do not put me to sleep. I will not have that happen again. I just won't. I'd rather die than be drugged to that level."

Having ensured there certainly was no immediate threat to life or limb from an exsanguinating blood vessel, Callahan leaned in closer. "What is it about general anesthesia that bothers you the most?" she asked.

"Local anesthesia is fine. I do not want to be completely put under. I will not let that happen, not again." Kaylia replied.

Noting her distress, Nathan scanned to room in search of Solaria's resident psychiatrist. The sickbay's unorthodox approach had its benefits. Unbeknownst to the CMO, however, Kaylia's condition was more than your typical bout of anxiety, and only Niamh knew the root.

"Lieutenant O'Donoghue!" he called out uncharacteristically loud once he had spotted her cutting through the ward.

"Sir?" She said curiously as she met the group besides the wounded pilot's bed. "Kaylia," she greeted warmly, a hint of concern flooded her face momentarily.

"The Lieutenant here requires immediate surgery, but is reluctant to go under. I believe this is a situation more in line with your own qualifications," he explained before stepping back from the bed, leaving Kaylia surrounded by those he deemed essential.

Niamh nodded at O'Hare before turning her focus to Kaylia. She/d grown accustomed to Nathan's short and curt delivery. "What can we do to assure you that you'll be safe whilst you're under?"

Kaylia was just about to lean up with her good arm and grab the Doctor by the throat and reaffirm she would not be put under. However, with Niamh showing up, she stopped. Reaching to take Niamh's hand, "Please don't let them put me under. I can't. You know why. I'll fly with one hand if I have to." Her eyes starting to well with tears. "Please, no. I'm not ready."

Callahan tried again. "Hmm, we can try using an interscalene nerve block. It's where we inject local anesthesia around the nerve roots in your neck. It should cover most of the shoulder and arm, but potentially incompletely. We can try supplementing that with some sedation."

But she still wanted to know what it was that bothered the pilot. "Was it a bad experience you've had with a previous general anesthetic?"

Kaylia gave a sigh, "Something like that."

Dr Callahan looked back at the CMO. "We may have a way around it. We can try for a nerve block... But if that fails, we'd really have no choice." She'd done several interscalene blocks during her time as a trainee, whilst on her anesthesia rotation, but hadn't done one again for quite a few years. But right now, she was probably the person most familiar with the procedure than anyone else.

"Does that sound like an option for you?" she turned back to and asked her patient.

The violet eyes were covered by the lids for a long moment before they opened again. "Anything but being put under. Which I told you." Kaylia nodded.

"All right, then," the doctor said. "We'll give that option a go. If it doesn't work, then you'll need to be under a general anaesthetic. Unless you're happy with losing function of your arm and with the risk of not piloting ever again..." But she perked up and added, "But I'm sure the nerve block will do the trick. I'll contact the surgeon and get you ready for the operating room soon."

Kaylia looked completely unamused with the what possibly was suppose to be humour. "If that happens with my arm, I am sure I will manage to make it work long enough to do worse to you with it."

Callahan shrugged off the threat. "Sure," she simply said, before busying herself with other important things, such as coordinating her staff.

Jamie walked up to Kay. "Just... don't worry about it," he suggested. "They'll fix your arm. And you'll be awake for it." But he had to add with a chuckle, "Unless the block doesn't work."

Giving a lean up slightly looking to Jamie, "Did she just 'sure' me?" Raising an eyebrow. "I don't believe she understands how tenacious I am."

The medic held a hand out. "Oh, Kay. Just... let it go," he said with a small smile. "Yes, she did 'sure' you. But I think she also knows how to manage your injury a lot more than you do.

"How do you figure, sugar? I have a fifty caliber sized hole in my shoulder, which probably not only shattered part of my clavicle but also has torn the crap out of muscle tissue and a number of blood vessels. Thankfully it did not hit an artery because if it did, I'd be bleeding out and in cardiac arrest."

Kaylia gave a smirk. "I know more than you think, darlin'."


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