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Shocks All Round

Posted on Sat May 19th, 2018 @ 8:38pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Major Jonathan Kilmartin & Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jarrell Weiss

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Brig

Amaris walked the corridors of Solaria with a concerned expression. She’d seen men die before, and recently, she’d seen it alot, but Kilmartin’s death was particularly difficult; it was coupled with the revelation that Cylons look like human beings. The sound of her boots repeatedly making contact with the deck matched the steady drumbeat of her heart. When she arrived at the Commander’s Quarters, a marine opened the door and she stepped inside, quickly jogging down the steps and onto the main level.

“Sir.” she said, her eyes only focussing on him between their shocked wandering movements.

Hanson had only arrived at his Quarters few moments before the Colonel and had been updating his ships log book when the XO entered his room. He closed it in order to give her his full attention and rose from his seat behind the desk. “Colonel. What’s wrong?” he asked, clearly seeing that she was not at her finest.

Amaris opened her mouth to respond, but in an uncharacteristic display of uncertainty, she said nothing. Instead, she walked straight past the Commander, grabbing a glass and a bottle of ambrosia from his shelf. She wordlessly began to pour.

Now he knew for certain that something was wrong. In the time they had served together she had never helped herself to a drink without being offered, never even asking for one. Whilst their conversations were never the most lengthy or free flowing, she would at least get straight to the point but this time, everything seemed different.

His eyes never leaving the uncharacteristic form before him, the Commander waited until she had poured her beverage and then asked her again. “What’s wrong, Colonel? What have you found out?”

Amaris lifted the glass to her lips with shaking hands and downed it in one solid motion. It had been a long time since she’d been a party girl, but the practice still paid off. Once the glass was emptied, she lowered it on his desk and took a huge amount of air into her lungs. When she released, she offered a steadying nod and then locked eyes with her CO. The fear was gone and she seemed almost amused.

“Major Kilmartin is dead.” she said simply.

Mitch could feel his legs threaten to fall out from under him and had it not been for the desk being so close, he would have probably face planted the carpeted deck plating. Luckily, he placed a hand out and guided himself so that he perched on the edge of the piece of furniture. “What do you mean dead? How?” He’d lost people under his command before, but Kilmartin was the most high profile and closest to him. Kilmartin had also been his closest ally, offering unwavering support to his Commander when even the XO would disagree. To lose the man was a hammer blow for sure, the worst since the fall of the colonies.

“That...that THING killed him.” she said, pointing in the general direction that the brig would be. “Kilmartin was being…..” Amaris started, pausing. She very rarely displayed such uncertainty. “He went to untie Weiss and that thing crushed his throat like it was a...a frakking piece of cardboard. Then he tossed him across the room like he weighed nothing….he’s...he’s gone.” At that, Amaris lifted the bottle again and poured another glass.

“Weiss did this?” Hanson queried, a look of utter shock and confusion on his stubbled face as he tried to make sense of what the Colonel was saying. “I don’t… he couldn't… Weiss was about six inches shorter than Kilmartin and probably a hundred pounds less! How the hell did he do that?” the Commander exclaimed, exaggerating the size difference somewhat but the point was simple; Weiss was smaller and would have weighed less, so how the hell had he managed to crush the man's throat and toss him around like an animals chew toy?!

“He’s a Cylon.” Amaris answered, matter of factly as she brought the glass to her lips. This time, she drank slower. As she went, the golden liquid dribbled down her chin and passed the collar of her uniform jacket. She placed the glass down again and took a few paces away. “Not only has he display strength and resilience to pain far beyond even the extreme human threshold, he anticipated the Cylon attack. He’s a Cylon.”

Hanson glared at the woman and had her news not been so serious, he’d have probably laughed, but instead he echoed her earlier action and swiftly poured himself a glass of ambrosia before downing it in one. Slamming the glass on the surface, he placed both hands on the desktop and hunched over it as he took in several deep breaths and contemplated everything she had said.

After what seemed like minutes of silence, he eventually spoke again. “This changes everything… They could be anywhere…” he whispered with a shake of his head.

Amaris’ brows furrowed and she turned around to face him. The thought honestly hadn’t occurred to her in the moment, but he was right. The Cylons could be anywhere...anyone. Her worried expression soon turned into a resolute one. “Anyone could be a Cylon, for all we know.” she said simply. “We need to find out what that thing knows...we need to find out now.”

Nodding in agreement, the Commander rose from his hunched position and took a deep breath. “Come with me,” he muttered as he departed his quarters.

Amaris followed after him as he’d commanded, though she wasn’t sure where they were going.

Within a matter of minutes, it soon became clear. As the Commander marched towards the door of the Brig, the Marines standing guard snapped to attention and then proceeded to spin the door handle and cycle the lock. Once he stepped over the threshold, he was greeted with a sight exactly as he had imagined from the Colonel’s description, only a hundred times worse.

In the corner, a certainly lifeless body had been covered up with someones uniform jacket, no doubt the poor officer of the deck. Before him, strapped to the bars, a bloody and already bruising Weiss. Around him were several marines and the CAG.

Amaris looked around at Black Squad, the marine’s black ops unit, an addition they had made since the fall of the colonies. They were more secretive than the rest, so she knew they could be trusted. She looked at Weiss with a frown.

“Oh, it’s the man we’ve all been waiting for…” Weiss said, a slight smile crossing his face through the pain.

“I’m not here to pander to your games Mister Weiss,” Hanson told in his normal tone, somewhat surprising given the emotions he felt beneath the surface, but in the room at least he was keeping his cool. For now. “I want to know everything that you know. If you refuse to tell me, I’ll give Colonel Kendal permission to put a gun against your skull and blow whatever brains you have out of your head,” he then stepped closer to the prisoner and lowered his face to the man...machines level. “If you cooperate, your death will be painless, instant.”

“You can’t kill me, Commander.” Weiss responded, looking at the older man. “And I’m not going to tell you anything else. If you want to know how we Cylons operate, you’ll just have to wait and see...”

“Colonel…” the Commander spoke louder as he rose back to his full height and held out his right hand, his eyes still trained on the traitor strapped to the bars. “Your sidearm please, Colonel.”

The only feeling Amaris was having was regret that she wasn’t going to be able to pull the trigger. Quickly, she pulled her own pistol and placed it in the Commander’s hand hilt first. Weiss smiled, seemingly unconcerned with what was about to happen to him. “All of this has happened before….and all of this will happen again.”

As Alethea witnessed the events unfolding in front of her she herself couldn’t help but feel the desire to pull the trigger herself, that however would be too easy a death. “Commander if I may, the toaster claims when he dies he will be downloaded and resurrected. I suggest we let medical take a long deep look first and make sure that when he dies he is gone” she said, pragmatism taking over from emotion.

The Commander grasped the hilt of the Colonel’s weapon and lifted the gun slowly, eventually placing the cold barrel of the weapon between the traitors eyes. “Everything you know…” the boss ordered, “now.”

“Go to hell, Commander.” Weiss said bitterly.

“Commander, if Captain Greystone is right, we might be able to gain some leverage on him.” Amaris cut in, recognizing the Commander’s desire to put an end to the Cylon’s life..or whatever you might call it.

The gun against the things head started to shake as the Commander felt the anger in him threatening to boil over, but eventually he lowered the weapon to his side and looked across at Kendal and Greystone. “Of course,” he nodded, a smirk on his face as he shook his head slightly.

Still smiling, the Commander looked back at the traitor against the bars. “The ladies have given you a reprieve Mister Weiss,” he confirmed before suddenly lifting the pistol, a familiar, dull explosive sound rang out as the Commander unleashed a single round into the traitors right knee cap.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Weiss bellowed, his face tightening and his arms shaking as he fought through the pain.

“Captain Greystone,” Amaris began, turning to the other woman. “Inform Dr. O’Hare of the current situation and tell him to set up shop in here. We want to know how this frakking toaster works. This is highly classified. No one else finds out.”

“I understand perfectly, sir. I will make sure of it” Alethea replied, simultaneously gaining significant pleasure from seeing Weiss suffer.

Whilst the XO gave new orders, the Colonel crouched down to the same level as the now slumped traitor who was clearly in intense pain. “How many of you are in my fleet?” the master of the fleet asked in an incredibly hushed tone.

The weakened Cylon lifted his head, tears pouring down his face. Even through the agony, he smiled and turned to face the Commander. “20.” he said confidently, his blood stained blond hair becoming more matted with sweat.

“How do I know you are telling me the truth?” Hanson whispered, a look on his face that insinuated that the Commander didn’t believe the traitor.

A pained chuckle erupted from the mouth of the Cylon. “Oh, Commander! Would I ever lie to you?” he turned his expression and gaze to Captain Greystone. “Captain, tell your Commander I’m no liar. We’ve got nothing but trust between us, don’t we?”

“A naked man has few secrets, a broken man has none. I will trust you once you become the latter” Alethea replied coldly.

“That I can help with,” the Commander retorted, an almost sadistic smile on his face as he placed the barrel of his pistol against Weiss’ left knee cap. “Tell me everything we need to know or I’ll make sure you never walk again,” the senior most officer declared.

“Commander, we’ve done this already.” Weiss said. “It isn’t God’s will that you learn anything else from me. I’ve served my purpose here. Just kill me and get it over with.”

“We’ll see about that,” the Commander swiftly and sharply lifted his hand and the pistol in such a direction that it smashed against the side of the man's head. He slumped there, unconscious. The Commander then rose to his feet and wiped the Cylons blood from his hand on his pants leg. “Get this piece of crap to sickbay. Have the Doctor lobotomise him if necessary.”

“We need two body bags. We can transfer them to Sickbay that way.” Amaris said, nodding to one of the marines. She then turned to Alethea. “Make sure the Doctor knows what’s coming to him and is ready to receive them discreetly.”

With a final glance back at the covered body of Major Kilmartin, the Commander gave a wistful sigh before departing the brig. Another loss at the hands of the Cylons, but how was he going to explain a sudden death like this without raising suspicions?

This would take some serious thought...


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