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Posted on Thu Jun 14th, 2018 @ 6:38pm by Sergeant Desmond Westbrooks & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours

Desmond was off duty and he had taken the time he had for a stroll. He’d changed into army-fatigue pants and a plain black shirt. His muscular form made the shirt all the more interesting as he walked the halls of the Solaria. At 6’6”, he was easily the tallest man on the ship and, considering the end of humanity, the biggest man alive. His presence drew stairs; they had seens he’d hit puberty. At least he wasn’t a thin noodle anymore.

People seemed to move out of the way as he walked down the hall. He was used to it and it didn’t bother him. He had a destination in mind anyway. He stepped up to the holding cell doors and greeted the marines stationed outside of it casually. Just as he was about to ask them what had been going on in the room, the lock began to turn.

Having just completed the second chapter in the undoubtedly epic saga of getting Weiss to talk, Alethea was headed for the sickbay to get the doctor here. Just as she stopped outside she saw the mountain of a man. “Sergeant” Alethea said in acknowledgement of the man.

“Ma’am.” he said to the much shorter woman. His eyes centered on her beautiful blond hair for a moment before he engaged her in eye contact. He’d admired her beauty since he’d first seen her, but had always pushed the thought to the back of his mind. “How are things in there?” he asked, nodding toward the door.

Just as he asked the question did it really dawn on Alethea how much had truly just happened inside. “Weiss managed to kill Major Kilmartin while the latter was trying to free him. The Commander and Colonel are inside right now while I’m getting the doctor for the next stage of interrogations” She replied.

Des raised his eyebrows as she spoke. He didn’t know what to say except for what he felt most. “I should have been in there with you…”

“Even if you had I’m not sure how much you could have done Sergeant, the Major was in a position where no one could have saved him. Not even the strongest man on this ship” Alethea said, feeling sympathy for the Marine.

Des felt a natural swell of doubt at that. After decades of tossing grown men around like they were children, he doubted that. “Weiss was the size of my left leg, ma’am. If I’d have been in there, I woulda put him through that frakkin’ wall.” he said, then clearing his throat. “Excuse my language, ma’am.”

“No need to apologize Sergeant, and I can’t tell you why but just trust me that no one could have stopped him the way things went down.” Considering the size difference, putting her hand on his shoulder wasn’t really a possibility but his arm worked. “Don’t work yourself up about it, there will be plenty of battles to be had still”

He gave a subtle smile at her touch. “I’ll take your word for it.” he said with a nod. “Mind if I walk you to sickbay, ma’am?”

“Not at all, I’d honestly appreciate the company” She replied, placing her hand by her side again and proceeding to Sickbay. “So how are you otherwise?”

“Can’t complain.” he said simply, though there was a world of things he absolutely could complain about. The words were freshly destroyed after all. He’d made the best of things and channeled his feelings into his daily workouts. “It’s a hell of a thing we’re going through right now, though. Sometimes I think it’s a dream I’m going to wake up from any minute.”

Alethea had always seen the Sergeant as the stoic, almost robot-like person, backing up the most powerful woman in the fleet. It was strangely refreshing to see the human side too. “Yes I know exactly what you are saying, I’m still waiting to wake up back on Caprica”

“Well, I’m sorry that isn’t going to happen, ma’am.” he said, his already deep and gravelly voice becoming even more earthy with regret. “We’re in this war for the long hall together. That’s why we need to be strong. It’s like the Colonel said to me once, we have to be hard and sharp like razors if we’re going to survive.”

He bit his lip silently as he walked beside the woman. He was about 10 inches taller than her and the sight was less comical than when he walked behind Kendall. The sight normally caused strangers to gauk in amazement, but he had a way of making people who were on his side feel very safe; now was a time where that feeling was in high demand. “Maybe we can build a new Caprica for you one day.”

One of the few times in the past few weeks did she manage to actually genuinely smile. “That is a pleasant thought, Sergeant. I look forward to it”

“You handled yourself well in there today, at least from what I saw.” he said, looking over at Alethea. “You were tough as nails. Not everyone can preside over an interrogation like that.”

“Thank you, Sergeant. I just shut off all my personal feelings and hesitations when I go in there and commit myself to achieving the goal” Alethea replied.

As they walked toward the entrance to the sickbay, Des stopped in his tracks his large arms ceasing their swinging. He looked toward his traveling companion and gave a nod toward the sickbay. “Well, here you are.” he said offering an authoritative grin. He looked into her blue eyes and spoke again, this time more personally than before. “I hope to see you again soon, ma’am.” he said, formal yet, somehow, intimate.”

“I look forward to that, Sergeant. Have a nice day” Alethea replied, giving the man a final smile before opening the hatch and stepping into Sickbay.

Des watched as she walked into the room, his eyes following her fit frame as she went. She was certainly impressive in his view and he really did want to see more of her. As soon as she was out of sight, his mind wandered back to the death of Kilmartin and the mysteries that were occuring in the holding cell. What was going on? He looked at the watch around his wrist and then continued his walk.


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