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A Returning Friend

Posted on Thu Jun 14th, 2018 @ 8:11pm by Captain Jerimiah Isaacs & Commander Mitchell Hanson

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Commander's Quarters

Jerimiah had not been aboard the Solaria in quite some time. However, it was like walking into your childhood home, things may have looked different, but you never quite forget where everything is. He enjoyed his service aboard the Achilles and was not quite sure exactly why he had been summonsed. However, when the Commander of the Fleet orders your presence you drop what you are doing and you go.

Two Marines escorted him to the Commander's office. The walk was a quiet one and Jerimiah was happy with that, he rather liked simply taking in the sights and sounds. When they arrived, one of the Marines opened the door and Jerimiah stepped in, he noticed the Commander seated at the desk. He snapped to attention "Commander, Jerimiah Isaacs reporting as ordered sir." Jerimiah knew Hanson's penchant for protocol and procedure and most of respect. As such he kept his eyes front, not looking at the Commander but through him.

Hanson diverted his attention away from the paperwork on the desk that he had been looking at and made a hand gesture in the newcomers direction. "At ease Captain," he instructed before pointing to a nearby chair. "Pull up a chair. We have much to discuss," the older man quietly informed.

Jerimiah's curiousity was piqued although he made sure to keep that information off of his face. He found himself going over the last few weeks in his head to make sure that he had not done anything that would warrant the Commander's attention. "Thank you sir!" He said as he sat down in an empty chair in front of the desk.

"What I am about to tell you is not to leave these four walls until such a time as I disclose it to the ship and fleet. Is that clear, Captain?" the Commander asked, his eyes and expression making it clear that he was deadly serious.

"Yessir! Crystal Clear sir" Isaacs responded. Now this was interesting, the Commander of the fleet called him all the way to Solaria to tell him something that he wanted kept secret for now. The only thing that Jerimiah thought he was about to hear was that a key member of the Achilles crew was a cylon.

"Major Kilmartin, my Officer of the Deck... is dead,"the Commander informed quietly, looking down at his desk briefly as he recalled seeing the mans body on the floor. "Colonel Kendall, Major Wolf and Captain Graystone are the only people who know the circumstances of the Major's death and that is how it will stay for now. What I need from you is for you to pack up your gear and ship back over here from the Achilles," the Commander instructed in his usual gruff tone. "You are my new Officer of the Deck."

Kilmartin dead, that was a blow. While Jerimiah was curious as to how he died if the Commander felt that he did not need to know then that was the way of things. Isaacs was happy to be offered a job back on Solaria, back home as it were. "Sir yes sir! I can be back aboard in two hours." He replied.

"Excellent," Hanson mustered the best smile he could and rose from his chair, his tired frame aching as he did so but he did his utmost to ensure he didn't let on. "Welcome back Captain," he smiled as he offered his hand at the younger officer.

Jerimiah took the hand offered and shook it. "Sir it is a pleasure and an honor to be back." He smiled "Now if I may sir I have a CDC to get in line." Jerimiah smiled broadly.

Hanson nodded slowly. "Dismissed Captain," he smiled, gesturing briefly to the door.

Jermiah performed a military about face and left the office. He was all smiles on his way back to the hangar deck. He would have Cleric fly him back to the Achilles so he can get his belongings and then get right to work. It was good to be home.


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