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Home Again

Posted on Fri Jun 22nd, 2018 @ 3:01pm by Captain Jerimiah Isaacs & Ensign Marcus Kivicus [Cleric] & Lieutenant JG Gavin Hawkins [Falcon]
Edited on on Sat Jun 30th, 2018 @ 6:28pm

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Raptor
Timeline: TBD

Jerimiah walked into the Achilles hangar bay, he had been ordered to board a Raptor and report to the Commander of the Fleet aboard the Solaria. Isaacs did not like coming down to the hangar bay, he always felt like a fish out of water. So it was at this moment, he had no idea who was even supposed to fly him over there.

Raptor 1-1-6 sat with its cargo door open and Falcon leaned on the wing his flight suit pulled down to his waist handing tools to a pair of legs under neither. "hurry up cleric that officer we are supposed to transport will be here any minute and we can't keep him waiting." Falcon said handing him another wrench. "yea.. yea I'm hurrying the best I can. Keep your mouth closed for a second and I might be able to concentrate." Cleric retorted to his ECO.

Jerimiah saw the flight crew working on a raptor. He figured that this was the crew that would fly him over. But he thought he would ask. "Cleric and Falcon I believe.." He had not met much of the air group but he knew enough to put names to faces. "Do you know who is supposed to fly me over to Solaria?"

Falcon dropped the wrench in his hand and saluted. The wrench hit Cleric in the knee. He sat up and sat up quickly a loud thud and an "Oww!" Came from under the Raptor. "yes sir we are them. I'm Lieutenant Hawkins the ECO and that is your pilot Ensign Kivicus. Cleric you twit show your respect to the officer!" Cleric half slides and pulled himself out from under the bird. He shot Falcon a pissed off look and stood to salute.

Jerimiah returned the salute and then smiled. "I'm Captain Isaacs. Take your time, I am in no rush. I am not looking forward to meeting with the Commander. Usually means I did something wrong." Jerimiah gave a chuckle, his nerves were definitely showing.

Cleric and Falcon both dropped there salute, "we should be ready to fly in a few minutes once i get these tools cleaned up Sir." Cleric said as he started to collect the tools. "Falcon show the Captain his seat and stow his baggage." Cleric said as he crawled back under the Raptor to get the tool bag. "right. ok Sir this way you get the best seat in the house the Co-pilot seat." Falcon said waving the Officer towards the open cab.

Jerimiah took the seat and strapped in. "Really you guys don't have to stand on ceremony because of me. So, why is this the best seat in the house?" He added.

"Because, sir." Falcon started, "its lot easier to hit Cleric if he Fraks up." Falcon said with a grin. Cleric entered the cabin pulling up his flight suit. "sir you all strapped in?" he asked getting to the pilot seat.

"Yup, ready as I will ever be." Jerimiah took a deep sigh he never really liked to leave any ship, it made him nervous. "You know I don't know how you guys do this. Every time I am in one of these I get edgy, nervous."

Falcon chuckled, "yea me too." he then whispered to the Captain. "yea me too when he is driving." Joking around. Cleric turned and looked a Falcon, "Quiet you or I'll make you walk." then turned to the Captain, "sir if you feel sick there is a barf bag next to your seat."

Cleric locked in his helmet, "Raptor 1-1-16 to Achilles Control we are ready to taxi out."

"Roger Raptor 1-1-16 taxing to elevator 2." The ground crew taxied the Raptor to the flight deck. ONce on deck. Cleric started flipping switches and the engines roared to life. "falcon everything ready back there?" Falcon flicked him the bird. "yep." Cleric then turned to the Captain you ready sir?"

The last time that Jerimiah was in space was when he was transferred to the Achilles. He rather preferred not having to leave the ship but now was a different story. So when the Ensign asked his question Jerimiah thought was anyone truly ready for the void. He smiled "Punch it..." It was the only thing that Jerimiah thought to say.

Cleric smiled, at the Captain's comment, "yes sir." Cleric flipped a switchs, "this is Raptor 1-1-16 ready to Depart Achilles and report to the Solaris." Once he was given clearance. He throttled up and pulled back on the stick a little. The ship rises and exits out the hanger. Cleric took a wide sweeping arc around the bow of the Achilles before heading for the Solaris. "there she is Captain your new home away from home."

Jerimiah's mouth went agape. He had not seen a Battlestar from the outside in some time. They were indeed something to see. "She's beautiful as is the surroundings. I can see why you flyboys like to fly. The scenery out here is definitely better than the CIC." Jerimiah chuckled.

"thats right Sir." Falcon said from the back seat. "Solaris this is Raptor 1-1-16 requesting clearance to land?" The LSO officer responded with the clearance. Cleric made a wide sweep around the Solaris stern before lining up for his landing on the Port landing pod. "this may be a bit bumpy sometimes depending on how many dings the Viper Jocks have made in the runway." Cleric said looking over to the Officer with a grin. THen throttled back and made a solid landing on elevator 2. "home sweet rusty home." Cleric said as he switched off the engines and the elevator lowered.

When they were parked Falcon popped the hatch. "welcome to the Solaris the baddest ship in the galaxy."

"Thank you gentlemen. The Solaris may be rusty but she will get you there everytime. Like a fine wine she ages wonderfully." Jerimiah said as he stepped from the hatch.

Two Marines were already waiting to take him to Commander Hanson. Whatever it was, it must be beyond important, Jerimiah thought. He exchanged salutes with the Marines and headed for the Commander.


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