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Songs abound

Posted on Sun Jul 8th, 2018 @ 11:40am by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Commanders Quarters
Timeline: PCH018, 1140 Hours

Kaylia got a number of odd looks as she traversed the corridors of the ship, carrying an old looking case. About the size of what could possibly be considered a sniper rifle case. A little smaller but close enough.

Since she had previously found out the Commander usually kept his quarters door open when he was just reading or doing ship wide business she didn't bother to knock, ignoring the two guards as they already knew whom she was. Holding a finger up to tell them to shut it before they even spoke. Setting the case down on the small three drawer 'nightstand' by the door.

Opening it she got the violin out, and set it aside. Next came the bow and then rausin to rub on the bow's horse hair fibers. Not at all asking any of them if it was open, she set the violin up on her shoulder. Settling her chin on the rest and started playing. She also began singing. Completely unwavering in both her bow work and her pitch and tone in her voice.

The sound of both the violin and her voice resonating through all of the decks through the air ducts.

Hanson had been lost in his train of thought when the woman appeared in his quarters and began to play the beautiful music. He hadn't heard anything as beautiful in sometime and it was a welcome distraction from the terrible news he was preparing to deliver to the crew. For now, the older gentlemen sat back in his chair and listened.

She did not stop, nor waver until she was finished. Once she did, she dropped the violin from her chin. Listing the bow over it as she cradled both like her kitten Smokie, or a child. She did not verbally have to ask what he thought. That was a given.

"Well that was one hell of a way to announce your arrival Lieutenant," the Commander smiled as he sat forward in his chair and looked directly at her. "To what do I owe this privilege?"

"You did task me with my idea, I figured I would show you that I'm not just a flight jock, and that others probably have the same ability," Kaylia's eyebrows came together in the middle of her forehead, she was still kind of waiting for his actual opinion.

"Well it was a great advert for your event," the Commander told before raising from his seat and wandering over to a side table where a piece of paper sat alone. "I've been giving it some thought actually and I think we should do something off ship, on one of the other ships in the fleet," he spoke, passing her the piece of paper. On it, a list of all ships in the fleet and their amenities.

"Thank you, Commander," she said, giving a light smile. Her eyes were watching him as he got up and then took the paper. Giving a look down at it, reading it over. "The...Olympia would work."

"Feel free to make arrangements with the CO of the Olympia then," Hanson instructed as he took his seat on the sofa once more. "If he gives you any grief, let me know and I'll set Kendall on him," the Commander smirked as he relaxed a little.

"I believe I can do that, and if I am given any grief, I think just as well as you may, that I can handle him." Kaylia gave him a wink. "Do you want to give it a try?" Holding the violin and bow out.

"No, no," the Commander smiled, waving his hand in refusal. "I'll leave that to you Lieutenant. Just try and entertain the people of the fleet like you did me and we'll have some happy people, if only for a short while," the Commander told.

"I believe I can do that. Both with the concert and the tournament, Commander." Kaylia nodded. "I believe that I also have some work to do and set up. So if I may have my leave, sir."

Mitch nodded and rose from his seat and watched her leave to carry out her duties. She really was intriguing...


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