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You've Got a Visitor

Posted on Sat Jun 23rd, 2018 @ 6:30am by Specialist Jamie Perth & Lieutenant JG Kaylia Strenvale "Artemis"

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Sickbay - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 18 - 07:40

It was just before the start of Jamie's morning shift, and he'd normally still be rushing through a bowl of cereal at this time. But this morning he'd been too tired to have any appetite for breakfast, having stayed up so late the previous night with Oliver. But since he'd promised to pay his Viper pilot girl friend a visit, he forced himself out of his rack, got dressed and made his way to sickbay's recovery ward

He glanced through the list of registered patients. Kaylia Strenvale, bed three.

"So that nerve block worked out all right for you?" he asked as he walked up towards her. "I hear they're discharging you today."

Large dressings covered the bullet wound she had sustained in the fight, front and back. A pulse oximeter clipped to the index finger of her other hand, the blood pressure cuff whirring as it inflated for another reading.

Kaylia was stronger than she thought. Already giving the nurses hell, which Jamie probably would have been told about. Just like when she wanted to pee. She was not going to do so in a damn bag, or a tube, or a plastic container. She would get up herself and go to the fracking bathroom.

Smiling widely though, seeing Jamie. If the man wasn't gay, she might fall in love with him, which was a step for her. And then there was that with Logan but she wasn't sure about. She could maybe open up to Logan enough in time.

"Oh, I have a visitor. Come to give me crap I take it? You know all the shit about what way I had to be numbed and all. Thought y'all wouldn't listen that I didn't need any. After what I have been through, that would be child's play, even if it was a fifty calibre sized hole through and through my shoulder, love." Kaylia smiled lightly.

Jamie rolled his eyes a little. "Oh, please. Give it a rest. How're you feeling?"

"I saw you rolling your eyes at me. Keep in mind, I can still kick your scrawny ass." Kaylia gave him a light, loving shove and regretted it. Wincing at the pain that shot through that arm. "I'm okay. I'd like to get out of sickbay, no offense. Hungry, want to change clothes, get back in a cockpit."

"They told me they'll be letting you home later, probably before midday." Jay sat down at the foot end of the bed. "Have they prescribed you with arm exercises to do? Get you back to your usual strength, if you had much at all to start with?" he laughed.

Kaylia shook her head, "Hadn't really told me anything so far." Laughing a bit at his quip, "Oh you want to test that strength, boy?"

The medic rolled his eyes again. "Anyway, good to hear you'll be back at the flight deck soon. I reckon your mates could use an extra hand to... do whatever it is that you guys do when you're not out dogfighting Raiders. Training, I guess?"

"Or other things. Like I have to set up music stuff and a tournament to help morale." Kaylia scrunched her nose.

He allowed for a pause, thing. "You and your other pilots... saw that base star out there during that last engagement, yeah? Do you think we'll be facing more of them later?"

"I don't doubt it. Especially if the rumors are true about them being able to track us and why we keep jumping in a certain time frame." She pursed her lips, "Though I would hope not, it's going to happen again."

Jamie's eyes fell. "Looks like we'll be at Condition One for most of the rest of our lives..."

Kaylia shook her head a little, "Not if we kick their metal teeth in."

"Not sure if they have teeth," Jamie raised an eyebrow. "Unless they've evolved to look so realistically Human that they've now got teeth... On that note, I don't think anyone - at least no one from our surviving Fleet - has yet seen an individual Cylon. Think they look the way they do in those old photos and history books?"

"I have no idea." Giving a ponder about it, "I doubt it though. You know how we've evolved in technology over the years. It would be naive for any of us to think they haven't."

"I have no idea." Giving a ponder about it, "I doubt it though. You know how we've evolved in technology over the years? It would be naive for any of us to think they haven't."

"Hmm," he hummed. "You're right. But I heard it's our technological advancements that made us vulnerable to the Cylon attacks... I was told they somehow hacked into our computer networks. All our devices and ships and defense systems have become so interconnected that... we've turned ourselves into incredibly easy targets." He looked down to the ground, face filling with gloom.

She gave a nod, "It is. Hit the Vipers as well." Then giving a bit of a frown, "I'm sure there will be something worked on."

Jamie nodded. "Anyway. I should let you get the final few hours of rest, before they boot you out. I think you've used up all your sick leave, if you pilots get any of that anyway," he forced a smile.

"I guess I should do something unproductive such as sleep," Kaylia gave a bit of a snort.

"All right, then. Take care. Time for me to start my shift..." Jamie gave Kay's uninjured shoulder a gentle pat, before turning to leave.

Spc Jamie Perth
Critical Care Paramedic
Battlestar Solaria
Colonial Fleet


Lt JG Kaylia Strenvale
Viper Pilot
Battlestar Solaria
Colonial Fleet


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