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Chaotic Aftermath

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2018 @ 4:41pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Gunnery Sergeant Malik DeVos & Junior Delegate Tanya Cousteau & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Captain Jerimiah Isaacs & Captain Alden Kenly

Mission: Flowering Judas
Location: Various
Timeline: MD23, 1147 Hours

Major Kilmartin’s death had so far been kept under wraps with those aware of it sworn to complete secrecy, the Commander insisting that everything on the ship and around the fleet be kept as normal. With Achilles having been on a special assignment for several days, and Colonel Kendall with them, Solaria was alone among the fleet as the massive gathering of vessels continued on their voyage in search of Galactica, the Commander had invited a number of the civilian delegates aboard the Solaria for a tour. Whilst the majority of them had been taken around the Solaria, culminating in a tour of the CIC, the Commander had held a private a meeting with a young woman who had been aboard Solaria before.

As a junior delegate from the Quorum of the twelve colonies prior to the fall, Tanya Cousteau had been catapulted to the senior most member of what government system was left following the destruction of their homeworlds. No more senior member of the government had survived, at least not in Solaria’s fleet despite the rumours that there was a new President in Galactica’s fleet. Tanya had known Laura Roslin from her time as an intern at President Adar’s mayoral office prior to his campaign for the presidency. Since then, the young woman had been working in the Foreign Affairs committee, overseeing trade negotiations and formation of trade routes between the colonies. She’d had a growing reputation as a diplomat and it was for that reason that Commander Hanson had taken an interest in her.

Hanson had been doing some digging in his off time, fully aware that at some point, the civilians would be demanding a voice of their own in the running of the fleet. She held credence as a member of the government (albeit a junior member) but wasn’t senior enough to pose any threat to the military rule of the fleet and that was all that mattered to the Commander. He had to be seen to at least be paying attention to the needs of the civilians, even if the military side of things was all he cared about at present.

Now, with a security detail in hot pursuit (the Commander unable to go anywhere without a bodyguard anymore), the two people from very different backgrounds were deep in conversation as they made their way to the CIC.

“So,” the young woman smiled as she looked around the corridor, nodding at individuals as they passed. “What exactly is it you want from me Commander?” she queried, glancing at the older man briefly.

Hanson strolled beside her, hands clasped together behind his back as they walked.”You’ll be my eyes and ears for the fleet. Anything to do with the civilian populace, I want to hear it from you. Likewise, I’ll inform you first of any decisions that will affect the civilian side of things,” the commander of the ship informed.

“That sounds like a plan to me,” Tanya smiled as she stopped and offered her hand to the older gentlemen, a twinkle in her eye. “You have yourself a deal,” she declared.

Hanson smiled as he shook her hand in return, but as he was about to respond there was a massive rumbling and the sound of an explosion, followed swiftly by the usual alert klaxon.

“Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. Explosion reported on E deck, forward hydroponics bay,” an unfamiliar voice spoke out over the airwaves.

Once composed and in action mode, the Commander looked to his bodyguards. “Round up the civilian officials and escort Delegate Cousteau to her shuttle,” the Commander ordered. He was about to head off when the woman grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Respectfully Commander,” the Delegate spoke, “I’d like to stay and see how you guys handle things under fire,” Cousteau asked.

They shared an awkward exchange of eye contact before Hanson nodded and led the way towards the CIC.

[Hangar Deck]

Isaacs had just landed in the hangar deck as the explosion went off. He turned to the pilot “I am always late to the party.” Before the raptor stopped moving Jerimiah had the hatch open and was jumping through. He shouted to the nearest Chief “Chief please have someone take my things to wherever my quarters are.” Without so much as a glance over his shoulder he sprinted for the CIC.

When Jerimiah arrived at the CIC all hell was breaking loose. “Lieutenant you stand relieved. I have the CIC. Status report Lieutenant.” Jerimiah called as he made for the center table. “With all due respect Captain who are you?” Lieutenant Byers replied. “Captain Isaacs I am the new Officer of the Deck around these parts, and I just got here. Sorry for the delay.” he smiled. Lieutenant Byers filled him in on what was going on elsewhere in the ship. “Right first order of business find out what the frak happened and someone get me Commander Hanson on the line.” Isaacs looked up at DRADIS and took a quick stock of the civilian fleet. Great no damage to rest of the fleet meant no external attack, but not so great that it meant it was likely an internal attack, he thought. He immediately dispatched Marines to sweep the ship.

By the time that Hanson and his entourage arrived, the room was abuzz with activity. Captain Isaacs hadn’t been expected aboard yet, so Hanson made a beeline elsewhere, opting to converse with Lieutenant Byers from Communications and she seemed a little out of her depth in the chaos that surrounded her.

“What do we do Lieutenant?

“Why haven’t you dispatched damage control teams?

“We need to get the alert fighters in the air, this could be a prelude to attack!”

She stood at the situation table and was rubbing her temple amid the sea of confusing questions and statements when she caught sight of the Commander entering. The sudden relief on her face was evident as he stepped up to the plate.

“Okay, what’s the situation Lieutenant?” Hanson asked as Cousteau moved to a safe distance and watched the goings on.

“An explosion on E Deck sir,” the woman answered.

The Commander turned to the internal schematic display of the ship and noted the presence of several red lights that indicated the location of the explosion.”Do we have a fire suppression team in place?” he queried, glancing back in the junior officers direction.

“Yes sir. I delayed dispatching damage control until they reported the fire was out,”

There were several officers and enlisted crewmembers looking at her, some disapprovingly as she filled in her commanding officer. Hanson noted their expressions and placed a hand on her shoulder. “The right call to make. Never put more people in harm's way than you absolutely need to,” he declared, scowling around at those nearby. “Get me an update from the fire control teams,” he ordered with a reassuring nod before glancing to a nearby Petty Officer. “Get me Captain Graystone,” he ordered.

Soon enough, ship wide, the internal communications grid came to life with a single message.”Pass the word for Captain Graystone. Contact the CIC immediately. Captain Graystone, contact the CIC.”

As soon as the Solaria returned to its action stations, Alethea immediately jumped into her flight gear. Surprisingly they so far had not had the order to launch alert Vipers but that undoubtedly was going to happen soon enough. As time went on, and no call came in she decided it was best to get to the CIC but just as she did the hail came over the speakers in the flight bay. Alethea immediately proceeded to the nearest phone. “CIC, Graystone. You called?”

“This is Hanson,” the male voice on the end of the line called out over the racket in the CIC, “there’s been an explosion on E deck. An internal one. Get some marines and go investigate. I need to know if this is related to Weiss,” the Commander ordered sternly yet quietly enough not to draw anyone else's attention to his conversation.

“Yes, sir.” Alethea said, immediately understanding the need for secrecy on this specific case. “Nightlight, you’re in charge here” She ordered before proceeding to the E deck. Once she got there she already noticed a squad of Marines at the ready. “Sergeant” She said matter of factly.

Gunnery Sergeant DeVos and the brute, Sergeant Westbrooks, had been keeping watch of the area until a senior officer arrived to take over. With the appearance of the CAG, their wait was finally at an end. “Ma’am,” DeVos nodded before stepping aside. “The fire teams have managed to put out the blaze and we we’re about to let the damage control teams in,” he confirmed as he looked back at the blast damaged hatchway that led to the majority of the damaged area.

“Captain. There is something you should know,” Westbrooks interjected in his deep tone as he looked down at the CAG.

“Instruct the damage control teams not to damage anything that could serve as evidence.” Alethea replied to DeVos before turning to Westbrooks. “What is it, Sergeant?”

DeVos nodded and headed off to pass on the instructions to the damage control team inside the room.

“Ma’am, this hatchway leads to one place and one place only,” Westbrooks grunted before wiping some dirt off of the doors name plaque to reveal a single line of words; Deck E Causeway Alpha 2: Engineering.

Alethea turned pale at the mention of that location. “For frak’s sake” They needed to respond to that and respond fast. “Station additional Marines at Engineering. Have it inspected for any explosive devices or other weapons” Alethea ordered. “We’ll get to the bottom of this”

“On it Captain,” the Sergeant nodded before dragging his hulking frame off to carry out his orders.

“Ca… Captain…” an injured party nearby coughed and sputtered in between treatment from a medic as he tried to get the senior officers attention.

As soon as Alethea heard the sound behind her, she turned to the man and walked towards him. Clearly he had something to tell. “What can I do for you, soldier?”

“I… I saw them go in,” he coughed violently, droplets of blood hitting the handkerchief he held in front of his mouth. “Two of them…”

“Easy, soldier. Who did you see?” Alethea asked, both worried about the man’s health as well as interested in what he had to say while he still could.

Before he could reveal who he had seen, the man faded out of consciousness and a few seconds later, the medic working with him gently closed the man's eyes with his hand. Whatever he had seen had died with him.


Isaacs had a knack for getting to the heart of a problem and getting it corrected. He managed to get the rest of the officers in the CIC to calm down and concentrate on their jobs. As for himself he had one major worry, why hadn’t the damage control teams made it to E Deck yet. He made that request over the comm system and the reply that he got was that they were delayed as the marines got the injured to Sick Bay. He pressed a sequence of buttons switching the receiver's channel. “Hangar Deck this is Captain Isaacs in the CIC. Get Vipers on standby do not launch, repeat do not launch without confirmation from the CIC.” He turned to the communications officer to get him the fleet.

“You’re on with the fleet.” Came the reply from communications.

“This is Captain Isaacs in the CIC of Solaria to all ships in the fleet. Spin up your FTL drives and standby for emergency jump. That is all…” He hung the reciever up and glued his eyes to DRADIS still nothing. Gods he hoped he did not have to give the order to jump.

Commander Hanson had been stood at the back of the CIC looking over the damage control board and in deep conversation with Captain Kenly from Engineering when the Officer of the Deck contact the fleet. Kenly and Hanson shared a glance at each other before the Engineer swiftly departed, head bowed. Hanson turned and walked towards the main situation table and glared across at the Captain. “If we jump now, we have no way of letting the Achilles know where we have gone. How do you propose we deal with that?” the senior most officer quizzed of his newest deck officer.

“Sir the order to spin up the drives was a precaution only. Currently DRADIS is clear however, if this is an attack any delay would cost lives. As to the Achilles I just came from there and all the emergency jump coordinates that you set are still on file. No order for jump would come unless it came from you or if it were absolutely necessary. In that event the fleet would jump to one of the predetermined jump coordinates. So there is no risk or reason to worry about the Achilles. Sir!” Jerimiah replied to the COs request at rigid attention.

Mitch looked the new Officer of the Deck over before waving off his stance of attention. “Get a hold of Captain Graystone and get a report from her,” he ordered before moving off and talking with several Marines and Delegate Cousteau.

“Aye sir!” Isaacs turned and set to work on contacting Captain Graystone.

Hanson, for a split second, looked back towards the heart of the CIC and the DRADIS console. He hoped that the Achilles was having more joy than they were...


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