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The new surgeon Part I

Posted on Sat Jul 21st, 2018 @ 7:41pm by Lieutenant Cassia Katsaros MD & Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D.

Mission: Flowering Judas
Location: Various locations on BS-S
Timeline: 20 minutes after the Fall of the Colonies

Part I


With the ship now on “condition one”, many of the reservists finding that they now had all been activated for war, simply left the large shuttle bay running to find their new war time duty stations on the ship.

Since Cassia was a general surgeon and had spent much of her time on the surgery deck, she was still unfamiliar with who was running the Medical department; even though she had known that Dr. Nathan O’Hara, MD was the ships CMO, and had never met the doctor personally, since her duty position was as the assistant Chief of Surgery on the surgical deck; as she and the other two Reserve general Surgeons, and their active duty counterparts worked together developing a plan of action in case war should come to the Solaria.

Catching up with Dr. Crowley the Chief of Surgery on the Solaria; the old 68 year old surgeon always had a warm spot for Cassia, and during the past four years whenever Cassia was on the ship, she and Dr. Crowley seemed to hit it off from the start. Finding Cassia an interesting woman, who had an interesting background as a person, he wasn't bothered by the fact that she had at one time been a male, and now as a woman. The only thing he was concerned with Cassia's transition was; and he told her when they first met "Just how good are you at being a Trauma Surgeon" Katsaros. "Its easy being a woman, but a surgeon is a bit different" he was always known to say, whenever Cassia set foot on the Surgery deck, and deal with Dr. Crowley.

Looking at lessons derived from the first Cylon/Colonial War, the type of injuries seen on board any naval vessels. Injuries would be from be high velocity impact injuries, such as flying shrapnel, burns, falls, fractures of the bony structure of the body, and many others; so each year for the past six years as a reservists while serving on the Solaria. Cassia under Dr. Crowley's tutelage soon developed a comprehensive method of treating multiple injuries, using his experiences garnered during the first Cylon/Human war, and her current experience working at the Marine Corps Hospital, where the Marines were always fond of destroying their bodies, or killing themselves during training; from the same type of injuries that would be found on a ship during battle.

Suddenly with the sounds of the ships internal klaxons now going off, Cassia ran back to her room as she suddenly felt nauseated from the news that she and her entire Reserve Unit; had now been activated for real, and would probably die on the Solaria, and suddenly Cassia felt a need to run to her room..

Though within the last four years that the thought of war between the two groups had always been a favorite topic among the bar hopping Reservists within the fleet, since no one actually believed that the Cylons were actually that stupid as to try to start a fight with the Colonies.

However the thought sickened her,and at the same time brought out a deep seated anger of the Cylons, and suddenly Cassia was now kicking over her clothing bags, throwing a small suitcase up against a bulkhead, as began sobbing uncontrollably for an hour.

Thoroughly exhausted , Cassia fell on her bed, and curled up into a fetlal position as she sobbed uncontrollably, trying to wipe the tears from her eyes as she remembered her parents, and her countless number of relatives on Aquaria, who by now would have been vaporized, or burned to a crisp from the intense blast wave and high temperatures of several thousands of kelvins. After expending a lot of pent up anger, Cassia finally fell asleep on her bed.

Suddenly she bolted up from her bed and sat up on her buttocks, then spun around allowing her feet to touch the deck, then looking at the time, it only showed that she had been asleep for ten minutes. Inthe background she could hear the Klaxons continuing to blare, along with an occasional footstep of someone running to and fro; then she heard her name being paged “Lt. Cassai Katsaros”, please report to sickbay” came the message over and over.

Finally, finding the ships intercommunication phone, she picked up the receiver; dialed two numbers and in seconds a female voice said “Dr. Katsaros, the CMO would like to see you in Sickbay STAT”, then the voice hung up.

Quickly drying off her tears, and looking in the mirror, wiping off the smudged eyeliner, Cassia tore out of her room in a fast run, as she fixed her tunic. Finally reaching Sickbay, she could now see Dr. O’Hare standing in the middle of Sickbay giving out orders, and in a second Cassia stood in front of the CMO and said

“Dr. Cassia Katsaros, reporting for duty sir

"Brilliant timing," Nathan replied, tucking the clipboard he'd been carrying under his arm, "Solaria has just experienced an explosion, I'm not 100% on the information, but I'm expecting we are going to have a lot of people in need of surgery" the CMO continued, beginning to walk towards the ward, "We're going to need a Chief Surgeon to coordinate the surgery deck, do you believe you're up for the role?" he asked, his tone giving no evidence of the gravitas of his question.

"No problem with me Chief" replied Cassia, who was amazed at the chain of events; first she is demoted to Lieutenant, and now she's the Chief of Surgery. The question Nathan is this; "is the Surgery Department up for the job of treating surgical trauma patients" asked Cassia.

"Right now until I know how many casualties actually need the services of a trauma surgeon, all I can do is go back to the surgical deck, and get them ready for any surgical cases" continued Cassia

"Now if you'll excuse me Nathan". I have a Surgical Bay and a Department to run" replied Cassia

Leaving Nathan to run the Medical department, Cassia quickly took off towards the Surgical Deck. On her way, Cassia could see the ships company running to their individual battle stations, along with the reservists who were trying to wipe their tears from their faces.

Along the way Cassia saw the Damage Control Parties all carrying the tools of the trade, fire extinguishers, extra firefighting fire hoses, massive fans, stretchers, large trauma boxes, and bottles of oxygen for their firefighting SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), and they were now all headed towards the source of he explosion on the ship. Suddenly Cassia detected the strong odor of burned electrical cables, insulation, clothing, fuel, and whatever combustables. along with the smell of burned flesh hit Cassia, as she passed through a large hazzy area on her way to the Surgical Deck.


Finally reaching the surgical deck, which was the size of a large Raptor/Viper hanger and seeing that among the surgeons assigned to the ship, the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Crowley was missing, and not among the rest of the OR staff, and just as she was about to make an announcement, Cassia received a call from the CIC. Listening to the information, Cassia switched on the intership communication system, the entire OR staff heard the following.

The female voice said..”the ship has suffered a major explosion, and there is heavy damage. The casualty count for now is 95 KIA, to include the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Adam Crowley.

Turning off the intercom, Cassia waited a few minutes for the new to sink in, and then she said

“As of this morning, I was known by all of you as Captain Cassia Katsaros, MD, but with the ship suffreing a massive explosion somewhere on the shp, I have been demoted from Captain to the new rank of Lieutenant. Also effective immediatelly, I have been appointed as the new Chief of Surgery by the CMO, Dr. O'Hara.

By now the CMO and the sickbay are probably up to their eyebrows in the injured, and we can expect a call from Sickbay any minute now; that we will be swamped with patients. "My first order; I want a Surgical Triage Team assembled and ready to respond at any moment. Their job is to triage the most severely injured crewmen, and to bring them up to surgery" replied Cassia *Pause*

The team will consists of one of the Sugeons who will be the teams OIC, a Senior OR Nurse as assistant; four OR nurses, one Senior Hospital Corpman, and six corpsmen. Their job is to work with the CMO's staff in determining whether that patient who is down in Sickbay is a candidate for surgery.

“While at Sickbay and they have identified the most critical patient, each patient gets two 1,000cc bags of Ringers Lactate connected to two large bore 12 guage IV's. Plus one 500ml bag of D5W. I also want hung a bag of 25mls of Vancomycin and 50 ml Fluoroquinolones, started early” replied Cassia.


“Though the manuals all say that it is best to do this one hour before surgery they refer to peacetime; “I’d like to remind you all, that we’re now in a shooting war, and the wounds we’re going to see are not those nice lacerations, but dirty jagged ones, full of dirt, metal fragments, burned flesh, and in some cases other victims body parts forced into the wound” replied Cassia.


“As for how we’re going to be set up, I want the following done as soon as I’m finished talking” replied Cassia.
Station One – All Neurology and Brain Surgery to include spinal injuries are to be performed there;
Station Two – All Cardiothroacic and Vascular Injuries, to include any Orthopedic problems will be performed there;
Station Three – All OB/GYN, and Genito-Urinary cases will be performed there, and I want a Pediatrician stationed there also, to include a mid-wife;
Station Four – Will be where all burn victims will go. If they have more than a 40% burn area to include the mouth, face, and extremities. Include are the ones that have more than 60-80% burns. I'll also need a burn unit set up to receive these patients.

I also want a Respiratory, and a Radiology technician standing by in Sickbay ready to assist the Medical Officers for Orthopedic Injuries, especially when dealing with the neck and spine, I want a STAT "cross table lateral" done automatically, and I'll also need a Lab Tech to run blood gases. This should cut down the time for the Patient down in Sickbay before they're seen by us.

Okay, People "you have your orders, dismissed” commanded Cassia. With a beehive of movement, the large Surgical deck had been changed, with each station having two surgical stretcher beds, and the necessary personnel waiting. The way Cassia had intended there would be an overflow if one or more stations were inundated with patients, other patients would be shunted to another station, where the other surgeons would work on them. Once finished the Corpsmen would transport the bed containing each patient to the surgical deck, which was set up like surgical hanger. There the various Surgical Nurses would take over. As for the two remaining non-emergent patients, Cassia personally saw them, and cleared them to return back to duty after four hours.

Though the OR staff was working as fast as they could changing the Surgical deck to handle the expected Mass Casualties from the ER; it was the sudden rumblings of several smaller explosions coming somewhere within the ship, which made the staff began to work at a faster feverish pitch.

As Cassia and the Surgical Trauma Triage Team ran to Sickbay, she was already remembering her former mentor Dr. Crowley teachings to her; whom she considered a second father; and his teachings about the 'Golden Hour' or '60 minutes'.

The Golden Hour or 60 minutes refers to the period of time following a traumatic injury during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death, and for Cassia and her team, every minute counted as they all raced to the Sickbay

End Part I of II

Lieutenant Cassia M. Katsaros,MD
COS/Chief of Surgery
Battle Star Solaria
Captain Nathan O'Hare, MD
CMO/Chief Medical Officer
Battle Star Solaria


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