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A Family Friend, Part I

Posted on Fri Jul 27th, 2018 @ 1:46pm by Captain Zachary Kovak & Major Catherine Wolf & Orson Moss

Mission: Flowering Judas
Location: Skyport

Docking Bay 1, Skyport

The clatter and smack of metal echoed through the large chamber. The work it was associated with was being done by two uniformed men in the corner. The deck was pristine and polished silver that suggested the metal still recieved luxury treatments. The polished shoes of severe and over-muscled man in a black suit rapped on the metal floor and paused in front of the bulky raptor which had just landed. The black shirt of his suit was open, as were the shirts of the near-army of armed men that followed after him, revealing his reddened chest. His shiny bald head was also not particularly unique in the crowd.

He crossed his arms as the raptor’s door opened. His men were uneasy; they had good reason to be. The last military raptor that had landed in this ragtag civilian fleet had proven that their kind couldn't be trusted in times like these.

As soon as the door to the craft opened, two heavily armed Colonial Marines in full combat gear descended swiftly to the deck of the spacecraft they had boarded. Appearing on the wing of the Colonial Raptor seconds later, a woman in a military command uniform stood and looked around the sparse docking bay before stepping down to the floor, the heels of her own shoes clacking briefly on the polished surface. She let out a brief look of disgust before looking towards the lead party member.

“Major Katherine Wolf, Patrolstar Achilles,” she spoke in her usual feminine tone as she offered out a hand.

“Stan Lista.” the man said, extending his own hand and shaking hers. “Head of Security to Mr. Orson. He sent me down here to deliver you straight to him.”

The man’s eyes darted back and forth between the marines the Major had escorting her. “They’ll be no need for troops, Major. You’re perfectly safe here.”

“With respect Mr. Lista, where I go they go,” the Major informed, glancing back at her two marines briefly before she held out a hand for him to lead the way. “Let’s not keep Mr. Orson waiting,” she smiled.

Stan’s frown remained consistent as she spoke. He looked the marines up and down before turning around toward the men behind him and selecting two of them to follow.

“Right this way, Major.” he said, indicating the direction he had come from. As they walked, he looked at the shorter woman once more, taking in her long brown hair and fit physique. There were many attractive women aboard the ressort ship, but none who possessed the confidence that came with command as she did. As they approached the glass doors at the back of the bay, he paused. “There’s an express tram that we can use to get us to the right dome.”

The confidence of command was something that she had developed quickly following the fall of the Colonies and being thrust into the hot seat aboard the Achilles. It had been helped by the presence of her XO who had a natural ability to bring out the best in her. “A tram, huh? Interesting…” the Major smiled with a raised eyebrow as she folded her arms across her chest. “So, can you tell me more about this place Mr. Lista?” she queried.

“Skyport was the jewel of Mr. Moss’ Colonial Star Cruise Line before everything went to hells.” he answered quickly. “She’s the first luxury liner to utilize bio-domes...or, well I guess she’s the only one now.” The door to the tram opened with a hiss. It was sparsely populated and had sitting and standing room. “She’s got a different theme in every dome and a different purpose for each. Mr. Orson keeps a penthouse and office in the casino dome.”

The commander of the Achilles and her bodyguards entered the Tram and whilst she opted to sit beside the well built Head of Security, the guards stood in close proximity to her. She listened to the rundown of the ships purpose and nodded slowly. The revelation that this Mr. Orson had a penthouse in the casino dome came as no surprise to the military woman. “And tell me, what do we bet with at this casino? Do you maintain the cubits currency?” she asked with a raised brow and more than a hint of disapproval in her voice.

“We do.” he answered simply, looking at the faces of former tourists and vacationers that shared the tram with them. “As you might guess, there was a substantial number of cubits aboard when the Cylons attacked, but people don’t frequent the casinos as much as they used to. We did our best to find jobs for as many people as possible to keep an economy going.”

At that he stopped talking, clearing his throat. “I’m not an economist or businessman, I’m muscle. If you want to know the ins and outs of the system, you ought to ask Mr. Moss.”

“Oh, I shall,” the Major nodded slowly as she stared out of the window ahead of them. “Never thought of joining the military, Mr. Lista?” she queried, changing the subject.

“I thought about it when I was young,” he began, seeming to think back, “but a lucrative job at MossCo beat it out in the end. Not to mention my wife didn’t want me shipping off into space for years at a time.”

Just as he was finishing his sentence, the tram came to their stop. They stood and proceeded onto the platform that looked quite a lot like a parking garage. After a few seconds of walking, he lead the group into an elevator. At the end of the ride, the doors opened to sunshine and a busy street.

“Welcome to Dome 1, Major.” he said without any sense of excitement or pomp.

Wolf stepped out of the lift to the sight of many different buildings, adorned in a variety of lights and with people all over the place. “My… what an interesting sight,” she spoke quietly before swiftly noticing several people whispering and pointing in her direction. The presence of the military had clearly caused a stir. “Perhaps it would be best if we saw Mr, Orson now,” she suggested, looking back to the security official.

“I agree.” Stan said, walking over to a black electric car produced by Dowall, a luxury car maker before the fall of the colonies. He opened the back door and gestured for her to slide into the deceptively spacious interior. Considering the two sets of back seats which faced one another, there was room for six persons with an additional passenger up front next to the driver. “Considering your marines, it’ll be a tight fit.”

“We’ve lived in a Raptor for days at a time. We can deal with this, right boys?” Wolf smirked as she slapped one of her marines on the shoulder and then slid into the car, determined that she was going to keep her team together. She was, after all, in a strange place.

Stan slid in next to her and watched gawkers on the street as the rest of their men entered in. As soon as the car started moving, he turned to Wolf again. “Not everyday laddies like you ride in luxury cars, especially now, huh?”

“No,” the Major shook her head, “we just have our own Patrolstar to travel the galaxy in,” she smirked. There was no way that she would have traded the Achilles for anything at this stage, not even the Solaria herself.

“Yeah, well, we’ve survived worse than your Patrolstar, just in case you get any ideas.” he said, suddenly more cool.

If only he knew exactly what was going round in her mind right now, but there would be time for that.

After several minutes, the car pulled left and into a special garage unit underneath the largest casino in the dome, Colonial-Star, and took a sharp right into a special garage which was being guarded by two of his men. The door to the car was opened by someone from the outside and its passengers began to file out in front of an open and richly designed elevator. Stan looked over at her.

“Mr. Orson has a strict no-guns policy in his suite.” he said, handing his own to one of his men. “I give you my word you will be safe if just you and I proceed together.”

Catherine looked at Stan and eventually relented, reaching down and removing the pistol from her holster, handing it back to one of her two guards. “No funny ideas Mr. Lista. I’d hate to embarass you in front of your boss,” she smirked as she flicked her hair and entered the lift.

Stan returned the smirk with an amused chuckle as he gestured an offer for her to enter the lift before him. Once they were in, he pressed his thumb on a reader and watched as the doors closed and the lift began to move. “The last military commander we ran into didn’t have much of a sense of humor. I’m glad you do.”

Her once perfect smile quickly dissipated at the mention of a military commander and was instead replaced with a look of utter seriousness. “You’ve come across other military types?” she quizzed, her whole body turned in the bald mans direction.

Stan paused, looking at the attractive woman with serious eyes. He pursed his lips. “Unfortunately yes. Thanks to Mr. Moss, we escaped with our lives.”



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