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ECO and Pilot Meet

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 6:36pm by Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Ensign Nick Jaramillo [Batty]

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Hangar deck
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 29 at 1000

Brent sat in his raptor cockpit with a clipboard. It was that time again. Doing his checks while watching vipers get loaded for action. "I swear. I'm gonna take this thing for a joyride. Prove I can still fly." He laughed to himself.

"Ok. Gotta get moving." He said, not noticing much of anything.

Jaramillo slowly plodded across the Raptor deck with no real destination. He had been cleared for active duty again not long ago, and was trying to get reacquainted with the post apocalypse world. No physical object was different, yet it felt different to him. He heard the commotion and open hatch to a Raptor and turned his self in that direction. Leaning against the wing, he looked into the open hatch, "Hello," he said simply.

"Hi there." Brent said. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Brent." The pilot said, glad for company.

"Nick," He replied simply. "Just got cleared from medical. I don't believe I've been assigned anywhere yet." He hopped up into the Raptor and stepped inside to the ECO's chair. "Need an ECO?" He chuckled a bit while looking around the controls.

"I wouldn't mind." Brent said. "Need a pilot?"

"Yeah. I still need to find CAG and the Raptor Wing Leader. I'll see if I can get myself onboard with you. Sooner I can get back up in the air the better. Sickbay is as boring as anything," He said the last part chuckling to himself. "So what's going on out there? We only got tid bits of information in that black hole of a medical place."

"I've mostly been making little flights around the fleet. So you know as much as me really." Brent laughed. "Dang Vipers getting all the glory." he jokingly shook his fist at a nearby mk2.

Nick chuckled, "All image and strength. The real problems get fixed here," He said patting the side of the raptor. "Ah well, let them have their glory and egos. I'll go find someone with more brass than us and see what can be done."

"Good deal." Brent said



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