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Let Battle Commence

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 7:22pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Wolf & Major Thaddeus Scott & Captain Alden Kenly & Lieutenant Marcia Byers & Lieutenant Dianna "Rattler" Hanson & Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty] & Ensign Ethan Hartley & Ensign Nick Jaramillo [Batty] & Demetria Shaden Dr & Lieutenant Keziah Walker & Lieutenant Darius Kendall [Nightlight] & Lieutenant JG Symon Wilson [Shadowdancer] & Lieutenant JG Artemisia Bembra (Black Widow) & Ensign Elijah Monroe [Sidekick]

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 30 at 1300

"Rattler, this is Actual. Intercept that Raptor and find out what the hell is going on."

"Understood Actual", Dianna said switching frequencies. "Strike Fighters and Demon Fighters return to Actual and take up defensive patterns. Keep your eyes open and watch DRADIS! Nothing it to get near 'Mother'. Bounty, your with me. Lets check out this Raptor. I got a very bad the kind that says trap. Stay on point, watch for anything, Rattler out", hitting her turbo jets she headed for this Raptor.

Logan matched Dianna's course and speed. He kept alert as they approached the wireless silent Raptor. He had an uneasy feeling that no matter what they found, he wasn't going to like it. Then something clicked in his mind. He adjusted his scanning equipment, his face went white as it confirmed his suspicions. "Rattler, Bounty, Abort approach. I am getting a radiological warning from that Raptor. There's a live nuke on her." He pulled on his stick to come about and hit full thrusters.

"Fraking Cylons, good looking out Bounty", Dianna said as she hit the retros and nosed her viper 180 degrees and hit her turbos hell bent for getting out of range. Mid fire she cut the turbos, "Bounty hold on a micron, lets stay midway between Actual and that Raptor. I have a gut feeling about this and usually I am right", she added.

"Roger that." Logan brought his Viper up on Dianna's portside and held position next to her.

If the CIC was already in a state of combat readiness, the tension levels increased significantly at the mention over the comm channel of a radiological signature. Hanson glared across at the XO and then gave his orders. "Have the CAG take the Raptor out. I don't want that nuke anywhere near this fleet," he ordered sternly, his hands grasped on the table tops edge.

"Aye sir," Colonel Wolf nodded before picking up her own handset and opening a channel to the Vipers. "Rattler, this is the XO. Take out the Raptor. I repeat, take out the Raptor," she commanded over the comm.

"Actual, this is Rattler, understood", Dianna said, "See Bounty my gut was right. We are green to destroy. Let's go!", and she once again turned for the drifting Raptor.

Measuring the distance from where she sat waiting to the Raptor, "Bounty distance is good firing missles, I am not going any closer. I want to have kids you know. Radiation and me don't mix!", Dianna said chuckling as the missiles sped towards their target.

Logan kept his eyes on the DRADIS screen. He had a feeling this was just the prelude to something even more dangerous, like squadrons of Cylon Raiders jumping in and reeking havoc on the fleet.

Dianna watched the missiles do their job, "Bounty, Rattler, don't wait lets get the frak out of here. I still have that bad feeling like we are sitting ducks. Carefully watching her DRADIS screen, she flipped her ship around and hit the turbos, "Actual, Rattler, target destroyed. I still have that bad feeling that this was a ruse. Coming home hot. DRADIS still clear but...", Dianna never finished her sentence.

Ethan "Blinder" Hartley sat in his raptor, hovered just above the ship in case things went wrong. He and his ECO staring hard at DRADIS.

Right at the moment of the explosion of the Raptor there was a sudden flash of light and a squadron of Cylon fighters appeared. "Bounty lets boogie...Cylons!", Dianna yelled.

"Actual, we got a Cylon patrol appeared on top of that frakking Raptor. Launch Vipers!", Dianna hollered as she raced back to Mother. "Blinder get yer ass moving incoming Cylons. Watch your DRADIS and your six", Rattler out.

"Oh frak me!" Blinder said in the internal comms. As his DRADIS filled with cylon fighters as Rattler call filled the comms. He banked hard right and dove using Solaria as cover. Before disappearing behind the ship let off two decoys hoping they would draw any fire from Solaria. "Ok Hawk call out bogies." Blinder said to his ECO.

Logan looked at his DRADIS as Dianna and he met up with the rest of the Vipers that had launched with them. Though still outnumbered by the Cylon force by more than two to one he knew they had to act now. It may not be his call, but he was going to make it anyway. "We have to buy Solaria time to scramble the rest of the Vipers. Flip a bitch on my mark. Three, two, one, mark." He used the RCS thrusters on his Vipers nose to flip 180 degrees to face the oncoming Raiders.

Over the communications channel, the Commander's voice once again rang out, but this time across the fleet. "This is the Commander. Civilian fleet jump to emergency evacuation coordinates. All Vipers, stay out of Solaria's firing solution," he demanded sternly. Within seconds, flashes of light began to signal the emergency jump of the Solaria's civilian fleet whilst streams of flak fire opened up on the Cylon raiders that had appeared out of nowhere.

In the CIC, the Commander watched the battle unfold on the DRADIS console, the magnitude of the small engagement (and it was small in comparison to what they had undergone in recent months) was not lost on him. He looked across at Colonel Wolf, knowing exactly what was on her mind. "We have to wait it out, whatever happens, to give the Achilles a chance to return. If we jump away, they'll never find us..."


Demetria was livid. No CMO anymore. She grumbled and set about throwing her weight around. She gave orders and didn't care when the Military personnel objected. They were just sitting around, so she took charge. Medical response teams were sent to the landing bays, and to the CIC and to join with the damage response teams. And Demetria ordered, a lieutenant to keep a line open to CIC so they could respond where needed.

Any patient that could be moved was in preparation for incoming wounded.

"Sickbay, CIC. Incoming Vipers with injured pilots," an unfamiliar voice soon echoed around the sickbay.


"Sir, we've got to go!"

Commander Hanson gripped the edge of the situation table as the ship shook again under the bombardment of another cylon warhead, glancing across at the concerned expression of his XO before looking back at the DRADIS. "If we go, Achilles will have no way of finding us!" he barked back at his first officer.

"We don't even know if she's still out there," Wolf argued from across the table. "If a Basestar or three show up we're done for!"

Hanson watched the battle unfolding on the massive console above their work space and frowned as another set of red logos appeared and began closing in. With a sigh, even he had to admit that he knew it was time. Giving the nod to the Colonel, he watched as Wolf sprung in to action.

"Thaddeus, get our planes home," she barked, "weapons! Have all flak cannons targeted to cover their retreat."

An 'aye sir' signalled the confirmation of orders as Major Scott picked up his telephone receiver and spoke clearly into it. "Rattler, Solaria. Bring your planes home. Combat landings are authorized," he called out, "I repeat, combat landings are authorized."

"Frak! Bounty orders return to Solaria! Combat landings authorized. Get going NOW! I think I know what's going through the old man's head. He's gonna jump," Dianna said as she flipped her viper. "All Vipers return to Solaria. Combat landings authorized. All Raptors follow suit lets move!", she said as one of the vipers nearest to her exploded. "Fraking son of a bitch.....!" she yelled. To see her people getting killed or wounded grabbed her the wrong way. Nobody knew just how bad she wanted... no needed to kill Cylons after what they did on Caprica.

Logan fought his way through wave after wave of Cylon Raider craft. He twisted and turned his Viper with the skill of an aerial acrobat and fired volley after volley of missile and cannon fire at the oncoming Cylons, doing so while still maintaining cover for Dianna as her wingman. He continued his fight during the withdrawal after the order to return to the barn.

Before she landed she did take out three Cylon fighters and damaging four others. Once she landed she stood in the fighter bay and watched as the vipers and raptors landed. Medics tending to the wounded, fighter mechanics tending to her fighters. It was a disaster in her mind and with each passing minute she got even more pissed off with what happened. Where the hell was this basestar? Finally seeing Logan she relaxed slightly, "Thank the lords of Kobal you're alright. Where the frak did those fighters come from?" she asked Logan.

Logan shook his head as he stepped up next to Dianna. He sighed as he took a long look at her and deciding she was alright. "Ask your uncle that. My job is to fly against those toasters, not to try and figure out where they come from."

"That is exactly where I am headed, to see my Uncle," Rattler said. "This shit stinks of a trap and I am fraking mad!"

Blinder landed with only minor damage, he did his post check before his ECO brought something to his attention. "Check again and again. I want to be sure before I bring this to the CAG."

The CIC was a hive of activity as the crew prepared to pull the final trigger and get the Solaria out of dodge. Thaddeus Scott was at the Navigation console overseeing things when he got the green light across the board. "All fighters aboard Commander and the fleet is long gone," he called down to the command table.

Dianna had made sure that everything was locked down just before, so as the ship jumped, the fighter bay was secured.

Mitchell closed his eyes for what seemed like an eternity as he said a quiet prayer for their friends on the Achilles and hoped, that if the gods were watching, they would reunite one day soon. But with the thought soon expelled from his head and with an exchange of nods between the CO and XO, the old man gave his orders. "Jump the ship!"

"Jump in 5... 4... 3... 2...1... JUMP!"


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