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After the Jump

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 12:36am by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant Colonel Catherine Wolf & Major Thaddeus Scott & Lieutenant Dianna "Rattler" Hanson & Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty] & Ensign Ethan Hartley & Ensign Nick Jaramillo [Batty] & Senior Chief Petty Officer Asond Mithy & Demetria Shaden Dr

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 30 at 1325

Emerging into open space once again, the massive flight pods of the Battlestar began to expand away from the ships hull as the bheomoth took her rightful place at the centre of her small fleet of survivors, reunited and for the first time since the exodus, without the added protection of the Achilles.

"All stations, damage report," the XO called over the telephone at the display table as Mitch stood silent and still, watching his crew and their actions.

"Flight decks will be okay though don't let the toasters get in a sneak attack for a few minutes," came the voice of the Chief of the Deck as he looked up at the ceiling where the very obvious leak of what could only be magnetic lock coolant was leaking from.

Dianna looked out over the flight deck to make sure everything was still secured before she made for CIC and her Uncle. True to her word she was going to find out just what the hell was going on.

Logan went to consult with the pilots and check on the status of all the Vipers involved in the engagement. He hoped there was no significant damage to the Viper fleet. More importantly he prayed to the Lords of Kobol none of the pilots were hurt...or worse.

Entering the CIC Dianna looked for the Commander and seeing him marched up to him. "Commander may I have a word with you?" Dianna asked. Her face said it all, she was pissed.

"We're a little busy, Lieutenant, what is it?" Hanson queried, glaring at the CAG who clearly had a bee in her bonnet about something.

"I am wondering why no one listens to me. It was a trap damn it! The raptor, the sudden appearance of the was a set up and there is only one explanation for it!", she growled. "Someone ratted us out!!! I lost a good pilot because of it and you lost the Colonel. That is lives lost sir and I have damaged ships as well. Someone is feeding information to the Cylons. How else can this disaster be explained?", Dianna said. Livid at the whole situation she waited for her uncle to blast her yet again.

Well, that caused a commotion as the noise level around the CIC began to increase.

“Get back to work!” Hanson barked as he grabbed the CAG by the arm and forcibly moved her up the nearest flight of steps to the upper level where they could talk in relative peace without anyone hearing.

Tria slid through the doors of CIC with two medics and they began assessing the bridge crew. Not a word was spoken as she did so, her team would be in and out with minimal fuss.

Colonel Wolf took a step away from the Commander as he 'discussed' things with the CAG and approached the CMO. "Doctor," she smiled in greeting, "anything I can do?"

Tria gave the woman a smile as she treated a head wound. "No, just a quick whip round the ship treating injuries. We should be out of your way soon." She stood up a hand on her lower back as she did so. "No major injuries around the CIC, a few people banged up on lower decks."

“That’s excellent Doctor,” Wolf smiled reassuringly. “Are you ok?” she questioned of the Doctor’s own condition.

"yes. I am perfectly fine. It just looks cumbersome." Demetria smiled.


“Are you frakking stupid?” Hanson exclaimed quietly when he and the junior Hanson were in private, “You’ve just panicked the entire command team of my ship with your ridiculous theory,” he exploded angrily. “No one ratted us out for gods sake! Achilles went missing whilst investigating something WAY above your pay grade and, because of that, Cylons inevitably found us.”

When he eventually calmed a little, he spoke again. “Do you understand what talk of a traitor could do to this fleet? It would crumble around us and I would not be able to keep people safe,” he remarked. Taking a moment to compose himself again, the Commander looked at her and shook his head. “You are only CAG because my old one was aboard the Achilles for the mission. If you want to keep the job, I suggest you learn the intricacies of Command and wen to shut the freak up, understood?”

"Fine! You win again as always. Mother said I could never measure up to you. I guess she was right. Maybe that's why I turned down the opportunity to be an XO. I could never measure up to you! And yes I am your CAG and here I stay to fly and fight and die if need be! Permission to return to my fighters Sir!", Dianna said angrily with tears forming.

"Stop with the bull shit and do your frakkin job," Mitch argued back through gritted teeth. "It's not about who can measure up to who! It's about keeping my people safe!" When he again calmed down, he tugged on the bottom of his uniform jacket and composed himself. "Get to the flight deck. I want an update on all combat capable ships and pilots. Get me a gods damn CAP in the air and get me your Raptor pilots in the briefing room. I'll be there in fifteen," and with that, the Commander turned his back on the Lieutenant, exiting the private space and entering back into the main CIC.

Looking at his retreating form, "You fraking son of a bitch! Your people....they are my people too.....oooooooo", she muttered angrily as she turned and fled to the fighter pod, tears running down her cheeks.


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