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Search and Rescue in the Offing

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 7:23pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Junior Delegate Tanya Cousteau & Captain Orpad Rhokan & Junior Delegate Gora Byram & Keso Ida
Edited on on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 12:42am

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Colonial Heavy 679
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 30 at 1400

“Madam Minister. It’s a pleasure to have you back aboard.”

Junior Delegate Tanya Cousteau smiled gently as she placed a hand on the shoulder of the ship’s Captain and gave it a squeeze. “Orpad, how many times must I tell you to call me Tanya?”

“At least once more, as always ma’am,” the much older gentleman smiled sincerely as he stepped aside and gestured for the young woman to walk beside him. “How was your stay on the Solaria?” he asked with sincere curiosity.

“Oh you know, very… formal,” Tanya frowned as they walked the short corridors of Colonial Heavy Six-Seven-Nine. The vessel, a small government passenger ship, had become the official government vessel for the small fleet that had been surviving under the protection of the Battlestar Solaria. Whilst it wasn’t as glamorous as Colonial One, or other Government vessels, she was nimble, had some defences and had served them well so far. “Truth be told Captain, I’m glad to be back aboard. Too many military types on Solaria, all tripping over themselves at the sign of a woman who isn’t one of their kind,” she looked frustrated as they entered the small room that had previously been the Captain’s private on duty rest room but had become the office of the three most senior people in the Colonial government, or at least what was left of it for now.

“This is the end of humanity as we know it,” the senior man let out a tired sigh as he slumped into his chair and looked across at the youngster, “people will be looking for people to spend what is left of their lives with,” he told honestly. “Besides, you never know who you will meet over there,” he smiled naughtily, which drew a laugh from the woman, but it didn’t last long.

Her counterpart, and man that was only her junior by three days of service, stormed into the room and was looking very flustered. Dressed in his trousers and slightly unbuttoned shirt, Delegate Gora Byram was followed by their joint Chief of Staff, Keso Ida.

“Did you know about this?” Gora fumed as he shoved a piece of paper in the face of his fellow Delegate.

Tanya let out a sigh and rolled her eyes as she took the piece of paper and reviewed its contents. “I more than knew about it,” Tanya responded, “I approved it.”

“You approved Solaria’s use of civilian vessels in the search for the Achilles?” Gora asked, somewhat exasperated as he sat on the arm of a spare chair. “Neither you, nor Hanson, have the right to dictate what civilian ships do. You aren’t the president and he isn’t the Admiral of the Colonial Fleet!”

“Look around you Gora,” Tanya spoke with a raised voice, “this IS the Colonial Fleet and he is the senior military officer in it. Without him, and the Solaria, this fleet would have died weeks ago back at the Colonies,” she argued.

“Folks,” Captain Rhokan interjected with raised arms, “the fact is, the crew of both the Solaria and Achilles put their lives at risk on a daily basis to defend what is left of our race and they do it without reward, without consideration for themselves. I don’t think it’s much to ask the civilians to help out every so often,” he concluded quietly.

“The problem is, this isn’t asking,” Keso Ida chimed in at last, “this sounds more like a Presidential decree that Adar would have made. It gives the ships Captains no right to say no, or to dictate how their ship is used.”

Cousteau rose to her feet slowly and walked over to the intercom device on her desk, pressing the button once. "This is Delegate Cousteau. Get me Commander Hanson," she spoke into the machine, glaring across at the others in the room.

Orpad looked at the two who had stormed into the middle of his private conversation with his friend and shook his head slowly. "You've done it now..." he whispered before leaving the room just in time to hear the voice of Hanson.

"This is Hanson. Go ahead," the slightly distorted voice of the fleet commander spoke.

"Commander, this is Cousteau," Tanya remarked as she sat down. "I have Delegate Byram and our Chief of Staff, Keso Ida, here. It appears they have an issue with your request for the use of civilian ships to assist your search for the Achilles," she told, relaxing in her chair as the two began to look uncomfortable.

"Tell them that I hear their concerns and no civilian ship will be required to take part that doesn't want to," the Commander remarked, causing a smug look to appear on Byram's face. A premature one at best. "Of course, any vessel that doesn't will be left behind without the protection of Solaria or her Vipers," Hanson continued, "my Vipers will only protect those ships that can serve a purpose in this fleet and are prepared to do their bit for the safety of humanity."

"Commander Hanson, that is outrageous!" Gora argued back, stepping towards the communications device.

"Maybe so," the crackled voice of the Commander responded, "but I'm here to protect the human race, people that WANT to survive. Not people who are prepared to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the protection my people provide but wont lift a finger when one of our own needs help," he protested.

"You don't even know where Achilles is, or if she is still out there," Gora added.

"No shit Sherlock," Hanson smirked over the comm, "there would be no point searching for her if we knew where she was," the senior military official scoffed. "Gods damn it! Adar really was scraping the barrel with some of you people wasn't he? Look, if you don't help, you go it alone. It's that simple. Now, if you don't mind, I have a SAR mission to plan," and with that, there was an audible crash and the line went dead.

"I'm going to help look for the Achilles," Tanya remarked as she rose to her feet again, "... and I'm pretty sure that Orpad will be taking the ship too. So, if you don't want to come along, I'll arrange for your transfer to any vessels that wont be partaking in the search. If there isn't a vessel for you, we'll give you a shuttle to travel in."

And just like that, the woman - who rightly felt rather smug by this point - left her colleagues to consider their fates because, just like the Commander, she had a search and rescue mission to plan.


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