Raptor Wranglers Unite!

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 7:52pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant Ariella Arnold [Bandit] & Lieutenant Dianna "Rattler" Hanson & Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Ensign Ethan Hartley & Ensign Nick Jaramillo [Batty] & Lieutenant JG Gavin Hawkins [Falcon] & Ensign Elijah Monroe [Sidekick]

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Pilot Briefing Room
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 30 at 1340

It had been just over fifteen minutes since the Solaria had jumped to her emergency co-ordinates and regrouped with her fleet, still minus the Achilles. Just as he had ordered, the Raptor pilots and their ECO's were arriving in the pilot's briefing room.

Jaramillo slid into the empty briefing room quietly. He looked at the empty seats briefly, before moving to the part of the room from which he always took in briefings and classes, middle row on the aisle. He sat down and exhaled, happy to be finally doing something. After ensuring his uniform sat right, he settled into a relaxed attentive posture.

Dianna walked in, still upset from the earlier fiasco, " are the first to arrive. Good, how do you like it so far?", she asked Jaramillo.

Jaramillo stood and gave a polite but informal salute before settling back into his seat. He shrugged at the question. "Medical was good to me, the attack put me in a bed for a bit. Just looking to get back into action." He responded simply.

Brent just sort of rubbed his eyes as he entered the briefing room.

Blinder entered slipping in to the seat next to his ECO Falcon. "Wonder what this is about?" Falcon said to Blinder and the female ECO he was sitting with.

As the room simmered down, Commander Hanson bypassed the CAG without so much as a word and walked to the front of the room to address his people. He looked around each of them assembled and smiled. “Today is a chance for redemption,” he began, “one of our Raptor teams found evidence of possible Colonial survivors on a massive, bitch ass planet and it is down to all of you to find them. You will split into teams, you will scour the surface and you will find them,” he paused for a moment as he took in a deep breath. “One month ago, we fled the Colonies. We left people behind. Today, you have a chance to bring some back to safety, and you will find them.”

Dianna, still peeved, only said this, "So say we all!" Looking around the pilot's briefing room she watched each face for some type of emotion to show.

"We'll be sending out every Raptor we have to scour the surface of this giant world in search of those possible survivors. I want you to find whatever you can and let us know as soon as possible. Each Raptor will have a dual Viper escort apart from those left behind with the CAG to protect the fleet. Questions?" the Commander asked of his people.

With an enduring silence, the Commander dismissed his team. Soon enough, the whole of the Raptor squadron would be in use. For now, preparations were important.