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Flight Deck Preparations

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 7:48pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Lieutenant Ariella Arnold [Bandit] & Lieutenant Dianna "Rattler" Hanson & Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter [Bounty] & Ensign Ethan Hartley & Ensign Nick Jaramillo [Batty] & Ensign Eros Dimitriou & Senior Chief Petty Officer Asond Mithy

Mission: Truth Be Told
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: Mission Day PCH 30 at 1340

[Flight Pod...]

Logan was getting a tally on the returning birds from the engagement after Dianna left for the CIC. All the Raptors had been accounted for, but there was one Viper missing from his count. He found two of his pilots. "Either of you see Ensign Kelpor?" Both Brayden and Sharen shook their head. He stepped out into the center of the bay. "Has anyone seen Ensign Kelpor! I want to know if there are eyes on Snaco!"

It took several minutes but it was finally confirmed that Ensign 'Snaco' Kelpor was missing and his Viper unaccounted for. Logan finally stalked off to the hanger section reserved for the Raptors and found the one person he knew from the Raptor wing. "Hey Brent. You mind prepping a fresh Raptor for a CSAR mission? I have a missing pilot."

"I'll go right away " Brent said.

"Never mind, Snaco is dead!", Dianna said running into Logan. "Damn him.....damn him!", she cried.

Logan snapped his head from Brent to Dianna. He stared at her in disbelief for a moment. He could tell she was upset about something. He glanced back at Brent for a moment before taking a deep breath. "You mind giving us a minute Brent?"

"No problem. I probably need to see to my bird. I'll be there." Brent said.

Dianna was venomous, seething with anger, hurt, and crying all at the same time. The dressing down by her uncle hurt and stung and was emotionless. Sure he was angry, but in her eyes he made it seem that she didn't care about 'HIS people' as he put it.

"Logan.....SNACO exploded right next to me on the way nothing!", she said sobbing. "I lost a pilot and he didn't give a shit! It was a damn trap and he knew it. What's worse is that the bastards knew where we were. They knew! He wouldn't admit it! Damn him!", she cried. "These are not only HIS people damn it...they are also my people! How dare he day that to me! Mother was right....I will never measure up to him! Never!!", she clung to Logan for support crying clearly emotionally hurt and destroyed.

Eros had been on the deck after the skirmish with the cylons, he was a bit battered from it in all honesty. His viper needed a little TLC after, so did he. He was helping the deck hands wheel his bird into another bay so that they could take a look at her " Right Engine cut out on me for a few seconds before i managed to pull her round" he said teh deck hand stood next to him.

Dianna was still hanging on to Logan not only for moral support but physical at this point. Her knees had buckled slightly as she cried. She was tired, angry, furious, devastated, and feeling so alone right now.

"Lieutenant Hanson," a female voice called out from behind the pair, a voice that was soon identified as that belonging to the XO, Colonel Wolf. "A word in private if you please," she declared.

Breaking away from Logan, eyes puffed, she turned and approached the Colonel. "Yes Colonel, you wanted to see me?", Dianna said wiping away the tears.

"You need to get a grip of yourself Dianna," the Colonel chastised. "You are a senior officer on this ship. If the crew see you crying on the hangar deck like this, morale will go down the toilet," she frowned. "I don't care what was said between you and the Commander. What I care about is your preparedness to run this unit. Can you do that?"

"With all due respect sir, these are my pilots and I know each one's little quirks. If I didn't give them room to vent, they would not be able to do their jobs. I run this unit tight and they perform solid flights. By me going to pieces like this, just makes my people a tighter knit family. We care about each other here and we watch out for each others fracking asses. So when something happens moral doesn't go down the toilet, as you suggest, it only gets tighter, and we work better", Dianna said, calmly. "To answer your question if I can run this unit, the answer is I am already doing that, sir", she added.

"You have been here a matter of hours Lieutenant," Wolf argued. "Get your team and yourself in order." And with that, the Colonel wandered away from the most confusing CAG. Most confusing indeed.


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