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First Do No Harm - Part 2

Posted on Sat Mar 3rd, 2018 @ 4:22pm by Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D.
Edited on on Sun Jul 1st, 2018 @ 2:18am

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Sickbay - BS Solaria
Timeline: MD 14 - 13:00

Dr Callahan had relatively urgent news to bring to the CMO, and so her steps were quicker than usual, to find the Chief's office door open. She stepped in quietly, finding him busy with paperwork at the desk. "Sir," she raised his attention.

Nathan silently stopped his paperwork, placing it all into a neat stack before turning his attention to Callahan, "What's wrong, doctor?" he asked, noting her flushed cheeks; she had either exerted herself or was embarrassed, the Scorpian noted as he waited for a reply.

She stepped in. "We have... a sick Sagittaron adolescent who's come from one of the ships within the Fleet. Specialist Perth has gone out and brought him to the Solaria. He's sixteen, and has a father on Skyport. The child had... fled to the Mah-Jong and requested for the medevac."

Nathan sighed as he sat back into his chair. He was silent as he searched Callahan's face for any sign of humour. He had been dreading this moment. Eventually someone from Sagittaran would consider using modern medicine now that it was within reach.

He rose from his seat slowly. His mind raced with thoughts of the social unrest what they needed to do would cause. He understood the Sagittarius piety, he held piety himself; though, Dionysus was less strict than the rest. Yet, it was his job to provide medical care to every member of this fleet, Sagittarans were a part of this fleet. They'd need to tow the line to prevent any viral outbreaks.

"Good. Given the proximity of the Sagittarans to the rest of the civilian fleet, we have no choice but to treat him," he decided, rounding the small table. "What do we know so far?" he asked as he opened the door, stopping to allow Callahan to leave first.

"Well, his name is Taron. He's got a bacterial pneumonia," she said. "Nothing we haven't encountered before. He's responding to antibiotics, but slowly. He's got fairly high oxygen requirements and looks pretty tired from all the extra work of breathing he's had to do, so I've placed him in one of our intensive care beds. But I think he'll get there. What we need to figure out is how to communicate this to his father - if we do so at all. He is still technically a child, albeit one who would easily be classified as a 'maturing minor', certainly with decision-making capacity."

"No one contacts the father until I've spoken to the XO or the Commander," Nathan decided, following her, "Treat him as you would anyone else," he shook his head. "With how cramped the citizens of this fleet are, regardless of colonial heritage, it's important that every infection is snuffed out immediately. An outbreak could cripple the fleet." That would be the reasoning he would bring to his commanding officers. "If anyone is reluctant to treat him, rotate them out and bring someone with less conflictions in to replace them."

Callahan nodded. "Understood, sir." She then asked, "Have you had any experience with similar cases of... 'medical refugees' in the past, sir?"

"No. I worked on Scorpia, Sagittarons would rarely visit my home world; not that most could, even if they wanted too," he admitted, "I imagine it would depend on the colony in question and their own culture and set of beliefs. We're a mix of all now. If we send the boy back with no treatment, the Gemenese will get upset with the Sagittarons, if we treat him they themselves will be upset. This is a decision that needs backing from Command," he deduced.

"I'll be interesting to see which set of laws we'll eventually follow," Callahan considered. "Seeing as we've lost all our judicial and legal infrastructure since the destruction of the colonies..."

"Hopefully whichever one has the most robust and ethical set of human rights, otherwise we'll likely be discharging the teen," Nathan hoped.

She moved on to another subject, and spoke with a softer tone. "How are you holding up, sir?" she asked, not having ever gotten an idea of how the man coped with the holocaust. She'd never had the chance to speak to him about anything other than work so far.

"I lost everything I had held dear when Scorpia fell, but there are sick people who we need to help. I'll allow myself to grieve when I have a breath," he answered honestly, stopping for a moment, "How are you, Doctor?"

"Same..." she said solemnly. "I think it's the case with pretty much everybody. I've had a few moments when it's crept it out of nowhere. It can sometimes really get to me, but thankfully not whilst in the middle of a resuscitation or other critical time. Make sure you find the right balance between focusing on others and yourself. If we're not healthy, none of our patients will be."

"Of course," Nathan agreed. "I'll speak with O'Donoghue should things grow difficult to handle; we also have comfort in one another, each of us pushing through the grief for a common goal," he smiled slightly, the expression never really taking. "I fear for the day we allow ourselves to relax, I'm afraid that's the day it will truly sink in what we have lost," he predicted.

"Yes, I believe so as well," Callahan agreed. "Anyway, I should head back to work. I'll let you continue with whatever you were doing, sir."

"Hmm. I hope so too," she said, before turning to depart.


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