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Visit to the Doc

Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 @ 3:28pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Captain Nathan O'Hare M.D.

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: PCH-15 1130 Hours

It had been a long fifteen days since Solaria and her fleet had left Ragnar and the Twelve Colonies behind to jump to the Prolmar Sector. In that time, the crew had been so busy very few had managed to get any downtime. One of them, the ships Commander, had noticed his shortness of breath and lack of energy returning and decided there was only one thing to do; visit sickbay.

Escorted to the medical bay by the Marines, he ordered them to remain outside once he entered and began to look around. When he couldn’t spot the person he was looking for, he called out. “Doctor O’Hare?”

The CMO exited a nearby booth, it’s curtains drawn for the privacy of the patient, “Commander, how can I help you?” he asked, snapping a sharp salute once he was close enough.

Hanson returned the salute and then gestured to a side booth. “Can we?” he asked, hoping to talk with the Doctor in private.

“Of course, Commander,” Nathan replied before turning to face the nurse he had been discussing with, “I shouldn’t be too long Petty Officer,” he assured before walking towards the unoccupied booth opposite.

The pair stepped over to the booth and, once the curtains were drawn for the sake of privacy, the Commander relaxed somewhat. “I’ve been experiencing some difficulties,” he told, feeling slightly awkward and conscious of the fact that despite the curtains being drawn, they offered no sound protection.

“Ignore them, sir,” Nathan suggested, picking up on the Commander’s anxiety, “they’re hardly in a position to judge” he said before taking a seat on the stool besides the seat, “Can you explain to me what these symptoms are sir?”

“Tiredness, lack of focus, weakness in the extremities, generally a bit unsteady on my feet,” he revealed as he perched on the edge of the bed in the cubicle. “I think I am just tired, but I wanted to make sure,” he added with a hushed tone.

Nathan nodded, pulling the blood pressure reader out, “Could you lift your sleeve, sir?” Nathan asked routinely, “I’d like to run a few check ups whilst I ask you a series of questions” he explained whilst he waited for the Commander to give him access to his arm.

Hanson obliged to the Doctors request and decided the best way to give him access to his arm was to take his uniform jacket off. Tossing it on the bed behind, he sat there in his grey tshirt and green overvest. “Ask away Doctor,” he nodded.

“How much rest have you had since the fall?” Nathan asked as he gentle placed closed the strap around his arm, “No need to be exact, a rough estimate will suffice” he elaborated as he began to pump air into the strap in order for the reader to provide feedback.

“The Fall?” Hanson queried, then realised what the Doctor meant. “Oh, I’ve had very little, like everyone else. About three to six hours a night,” he informed, knowing that it was nowhere near enough and mentally predicting what the Doctor was about to say.

“I feel like I’m wasting my breath Commander, but you really need to be resting, you’re under tremendous pressure,” Nathan tried not to have a chastising tone, “what about meals, are you eating properly?”

“You know how it is Doc,” Mitch shrugged as he tried to be as honest as possible. “Eat on the go most of the time. Can’t remember the last time I sat down to a nice meal and relaxed while doing so. There’s always something to do,” he told, hoping his honesty would be quite refreshing for the Doctor to hear.

Looking at the readings he took note of the Commander’s blood pressure, 139/87, not ideal but nothing that wasn’t easy to remedy, “Your blood pressure is looking a little high, I’ll bet you have low blood sugar levels too,” he deduced as he attached the pulse oximeter onto his index finger, bringing the monitor to life with the Commanders vitals.

“I’m certain it’s stress related, but I’ll run a few more tests just to make sure,” Nathan nodded, before whipping his penlight out, “I just need to check your eyes” he explained before flashing the light between the pupils, taking note of the way they reacted.

“How’s the routine up in the CIC, are you settling in?” the small talk seemed strange, maybe even inappropriate given their concept, he found that small talk could be comforting for the patient.

“Its like I was always there. Except there is this one lad who can never get my drinks order right. Most frustrating…” the Commander sighed. “Look, Doctor. On the day of the attack, I was supposed to go for a check at the doctors. I had a heart attack seven months ago, been doing fine since! But, obviously, events took over…” the Commander revealed, having shared his news with no one else on the crew. A sign of weakness now would be devastating to his people and to his command. Especially with Kendall lurking in the wings, no doubt ready to swoop.

Nathan froze whilst he was processing the new information, He checked the readouts on the monitor, blood oxygen at 95%, “I’m going to need more than that, sir” he finally said, “Are you experiencing any chest pains?”

“No,” he shook his head vigorously. He hadn’t, had he? He couldn’t remember. “I don’t think so. I can’t remember,” he told honestly and openly.

Nathan’s lips met in a thin line as he frowned, “I want you to come directly to this sickbay if you experience any pain in your chest, no matter how minor,” he urged, stepping back to face with the Commander.

“You got it Doc,” the Commander nodded. There was no way he was going to suffer a repeat of his heart attack if he could help it. That had not been a happy few weeks of recovery aboard the Ulysses.

“I also need for you to be resting adequately, your officer of the watch needs to step up so you can worry less,” Nathan listed, “you also need to be eating properly, now more than ever. You’re still recovering, enjoy the nutrients you have access to before they run out.”

Mitch nodded and pulled his uniform jacket back on and began buttoning it back up. “I will. Now that I have someone I think I can trust in the CIC, I’ll try to rest more,” the Commander nodded, making reference to Kilmartin’s recent promotion.

“Good”, Nathan said as he replaced all of the equipment he’d pulled out,” I want to see you in a couple of days, I’d like to keep an eye on your stats,” he suggested, “at any time of your choosing, just pop in when you can and we’ll get it done.”

Mitch stepped down off the bed and finished buttoning his uniform jacket as he nodded. “Okay Doc. Anything else?” he asked.

“No sir,” Nathan added after thinking for a moment, “just look after yourself, you’re our hope as Commander. We need you to get through this.”

“No pressure, huh?” the Commander smirked before making his way out of the medical bay and heading back towards the CIC. He felt surprisingly relaxed after seeing the Doctor and hoped that was the last he would see of the man on a personal note.

If only he was that lucky.


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