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The Truth Is Out There

Posted on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 @ 3:33pm by Ensign Marcus Kivicus [Cleric] & Lieutenant JG Gavin Hawkins [Falcon]
Edited on on Sun Feb 25th, 2018 @ 9:48pm

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Various
Timeline: PCH-15 1930 Hours

Ensign Marcus Kivicus callsign Cleric, kneeled next to his Raptor. His head was bent, eyes closed, his hands held the small prayer book his mother had given him before he left for training. "oh Goddess Athena, grant us your strength and protection as we head out into the great unknown. Help us find what we are looking for and be able to protect the ones we find. Help us make peace within ourselves, in your name "so say we all!" He crosses himself before standing with a grunt. His leg still sore but the doctor said he was fine to remove the staples late this evening. He stood and grabbed the wing of the Raptor for support.

Lt (JG) Gavin Hawkins callsign Falcon, was making his way to the Raptor when he saw Cleric grab the wing. "you Ok Cleric?" he asked him. Setting his helmet on the wing.

"yea I'm good, just a little stiff," Cleric responded. He looked the man over and standing fully, "you my ECO Sir?"

"yep. Lieutenant Gavin Hawkins, my friends call me Falcon," he said extending a hand.

Cleric shook it and nodded, "I'm ready to fly when you are sir." stuffing his prayer book in his thigh pocket, on the flight suit. "she is fueled and I did my walk around. As soon as you are ready we can board and start preflight checks."

Gavin nodded and grabbed his helmet. "no time like the present." Climbing up on the wing and heading for the open hatch. "Let's go I have a date with some A1 cow flesh later tonight," he smirked and entered the hatch.

Cleric just shook his head and grabbed his helmet off the wing and headed for the cockpit closing the door behind him.

[15 Minutes later]

"Solaria ground control this is Raptor 1-1-5, we are done with preflight checks and readied to be taxied to the lifts over," Cleric said over the comm.

The ground crew went to work moving the Raptor across the hanger over to the lift. Cleric saluted the deck crew as the door to the lift closed. The elevator took them up to the flight deck.

"This is Raptor 1-1-5 requesting departure clearance," Cleric said over the comm.

"This is Solaria control stand-by one." said the LSO.

Cleric tapped his gloved hand against the throttle level, as he waited.

"Raptor 1-1-5, your been given clearance, Good Luck and happy hunting. Solaria Out."

"Thank you. Solaria control." He throttled up and pushed the stick forward causing the nose to dip and the ass end to rise. He headed out the opening in the bow of the hanger pod.

"Solaria Control we are clear the pod and commencing our FTL jump," Cleric said.

"acknowledged Raptor 1-1-5." the Flight COntrol officer said.

"Ok Falcon lets get the FTL fired up. Let me know when we are green to jump."

Falcon grinned and typed away on the keyboard. "Ok Cleric FTL is spooled and ready to jump."

Cleric pushed himself tighter against his seat. "ok Falcon Count us down."

"Ok in 5...4...3...2...1...Jumping." He hit the button and the Solaria and her ragtag fleet vanished.

Seconds later a new set of stars appeared and filled the cockpit windows. The proximity alarm blazed in his ear as the red light flashed on his panel. "Oh, Frak! OOOH Frak!" he said gripping the stick banking a hard left and gunning the throttle forwards. Trying to avoid the chunks of debris floating in the area.

"No DRADIS contacts, looks like debris, scanning to see if I can figure out who or what it was," Falcon said from the back.

Cleric started to move through the debris field using the spotlight to shed light on the chucks. "I got a bad feeling about this, Keep your eyes on the dradis," he said feeling uneasy now.

A minute or two later they came across a chunk of debris, "Olympic Carrier." Written on the side. "Oh, Frak that's the Olympic Carrier. A civie transport ship. Looks like it got shot to hell and back."

"Careful Cleric some of those pieces have a radiological traces on them, nothing major now but could over time cause issues. Think we should head back and report?"Falcon asked.

"Yeah, now would be a good time before someone else shows up. Ok fire up the FTL set coordinates for the fleet." Cleric said steering them away from the bigger debris.

"FTL spooling." He paused

"Jump in 10...9...8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1...JUMP." Falcon said.

The debris field vanished, and the fleet reappeared in front of them.

"Raptor 1-1-4 to Solaria, we have returned from the mission, boy we have a lot to report."


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