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What to do

Posted on Mon Mar 26th, 2018 @ 8:30pm by Persephone Arrius M.D. Ph. D

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Briefing room
Timeline: Backpost

Persephone lead Kore into the wardroom and placed the stack of reports down on the table. “If there’s one thing to be said about the end of the world, we can still be quite civil. Would you not agree, Ms. Kore.”

The teenager studied the woman before her and gave a slight nod of the head.

“Now there’s a reason I wanted to speak to you. If you’re here, then I assume Laetia is not far away?” Persephone mentioned. “I have a proposal. For the next five minutes, we’re going to be totally honest with each other. No pleasantries, no white-lies, none of that. I believe you probably realize that I am indeed not fond of the High-Priestess of Hera?”

“That is very clear doctor. I believe your dislike of My Lady has been very clear over the past few years.” Kore replied.

“That is because Laetia… or Lietia as I call her. Is the most insufferable, selfish hypocrite I have ever meet in my entire life.” Arrius mentioned. “Tell me. Is she out feeding the sick? Comforting those in grief? Or giving the people hope?”

“Or did she send her priestesses to do such tasks?”

Kore raised an eyebrow. “I am not certain what she is doing right now. I was cleaning the quarters. And as for those tasks you mentioned, Laetia has been out comforting people, and giving solace. We all take turns at it.” she didn’t mention that it had only been once so the Commander would see it.

“I thought we agreed to be totally honest with each other, Kore.” Persephone mentioned. “I will say this; she is out of her element. And when High-Priestess Laetia is out of her element, she does foolish things. Not small foolish things, big foolish things.” Doctor Arrius mentioned. “Foolish enough to get people killed, the stakes are survival now. But you know this, don’t you?”

“What is your point?” Kore sighed. “I am a junior priestess Doctor. I have no power, no rights, no ability to help you. You want honesty? Fine. I have no wants or desires to be embroiled in the combat between you two. I want to survive this war and maybe one day, leave the priesthood.”

Persephone responded. “You and I have something in common, as I was also a slave in a gilded cage. Yes, mother and father wanted me to be this perfect, Caprican doll to entertain their guests, and pretty much be the face of perfection.” She sat down. “One day I left it all behind, the money, the clothes, the cars. Everything. You can wait until this war ends, and maybe leave the priesthood. Or you can make a decision. Seize the moment, and be free of her. I simply want to help you.”

Kore highly doubted that. No one did anything for free. She knew that. “Oh? Break free of Laetia? Who are you kidding? If I left, she would report me to the marines and they would drag me back there. You don’t get it. When you are given to the Priesthood, they own you. Your life is theirs. You look and you see Laetia being what she is when she is what the Priesthood made her. Indentured Servitude. And let’s be honest here, I have no skills that would stand me in good stead outside the priesthood” Kore shrugged her shoulders. “Look Doctor, You want Laetia dealt with? Why don’t you call the Commander? Maybe he can throw her out an airlock?”

“My father told me the very same line, Kore.” Persephone mentioned. “But it turned out to be incorrect. You’ll find that the influence of the Priesthood has diminished significantly with the destruction of the colonies. But my concern about Laetia is more pragmatic than our feud. She’s going to take this destruction as an opportunity. And when people like her plot, people die.”

She handed her a small communication device. “Call me or the Commander if that foolish woman tries to get anyone killed. That is the only thing I ask of you, in return; you will have my support should you decide to leave the priesthood. My goals are simple; the survival of our race, and believe it or not, Laetia threatens that. What do you think would happen if she continued the Caprica superiority line she’s been bragging about for five years? She despises me because I left everything she wanted behind, I despise her because she personified my mother in all of her ‘glory.’ Believe me, our differences stem deeper than any petty argument.

Kore frowned."ok. I'll think on what you have said."

"One more thing, Kore. No matter what happens. Remember that you are human." Persephone mentioned in conclusion.

Kore gave her a puzzled look. "Of course I am human. Isn't everyone?"

Persephone nodded. "Just remember that. In the comming days. You'll learn it just isn't the cylons that are the enemy.



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