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Training the Nuggetts

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 9:16pm by Recruit Lucretia Jones AKA Lucretia Adar [Revenant] & Lieutenant JG Ayesha Myers [Echo]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Training room
Timeline: Current

Lucretia Jones waited for her first training session. ‘I’m not Luci Adar anymore.’ she told herself. Anger was rooted in her mind, but so was a cool focus. She was going to do what needed to be done. Emotion could not get in the way. She had to live, for vengeance. Therefore she was going to push herself beyond the envelope of her mortal body to fly this thing called a viper like it was an extension of herself.

Lieutenant JG Myers entered in a new uniform and her left arm in a sling. Her face still had bruises on it, still looking like they were fresh, which 3 days after her crash, they were. She glanced around. Nuggets. Just like she had been 4 years ago.

Ayesha moved to the front of the room. She placed the pile of papers on the lectern. This was not her normal job. But they needed pilots and so, it was better than sitting on her arse.

She let her gaze wander the group. “On Your feet, ATTENTION!” she said her voice raising above those still standing and chatting. “Now!”

Luci stood to her feet. Looking forward. She was not chatting to anyone, and she held no interest in the people who were yammering in the room. In her mind, she saw that ship explode again and again. Watched it… too weak to do anything about it. No more.

When all was silent Ayesha let it hang. Then just as the first began to fidget she spoke. “In your seats!”

Luci sat down without another word

Once they were all seated “I am Lieutenant JG Myers. And from now until you are certified you will address me as god is that clear?”



“CLEAR” It was the only word she said while she was there.

“Now you are here because you want to shoot toasters from the stars. I can fully understand that. But you cannot just jump into a cockpit and start shooting, it is my job to make sure you live long enough to keep shooting them out of the stars over and over again. Some of you may not be suited for piloting Vipers, you may find piloting Raptors more to your liking. And that is just as important.” she pressed a button. On the screen was a training schedule.

“Every morning at 04h you will do 6 laps of the Battlestar as fast as you can. No fat pilots here people. Being fit helps with your reactions. 0530 breakfast 0600 simulator drills until 10.” and so on went the list. At looks and groans Ayesha held up her hand “Welcome to pilot training people. No one promised you it would be easy.”

There was no room for complaining, she stayed silent, and she did not care for the moaning of the people behind her. They were being annoying, and below her. Piloting a viper was going to be a physical test for her, but she had to go beyond the normal physical routine of all the others. She was going to master the viper in every way possible.

Ayesha nodded and hit a button and the screen changed. “Your call signs have been registered. From now on, you need to answer to them. In combat we do not have time to be calling out full names. It is easier for us to say the call sign. Learn yours, learn everyone's. For the record, mine is Echo.”

She had already learned all the pilots callsigns, but there was little use for them right now. She would speak only when necessary. The other pilots knew hers too, and it was part of the reason there was this buffer zone of empty seats around her. Hers was Revenant, and it suited her well. She may as well have died on that transport, but anger also kept her alive.

After a pause, Ayesha waved her right hand and an ensign came forward and began to hand out documents. “Your first lesson, this is the pilot's manual for all Vipers. Read it. Learn it by heart. There will be tests and I won't be the one marking them. They will.” behind her an image of a cylon raider appeared.

Luci remained motionless, anger seared in her as she watched the image. She then spoke. "Ma'am. With all due respect. I do not need the Cylon's approval in order to kill them. And you will be surprised how quickly I will learn." There was now a reason why no one sat in the next chair.

Tilting her head to the side Ayesha studied the teenager before her. "It wont be their approval you will gain Nuggett. It will be their bullets up your viper's tail pipe. And you can't learn if you are killed in your first sortee"

Luci remained silent and gave a slight nod.

Ayesha took a look around the room. "Dismissed. Be up early!" She said with a smirk.


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