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Night Shift in CIC

Posted on Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 @ 5:53pm by Captain Cooper Yates & Major Jonathan Kilmartin

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: CIC
Timeline: PCH-16 0130 Hours

Coop was at the central station in the CIC reading the latest nav survey of their immediate area. The fleet was under sub light power cruising along while minor repairs were carried out and the ships to be abandoned were being stripped. "CAP reports shift rotation complete. Achilles has the CAP." Cooper said as a non-com handed him a report.

"Excellent," Major Kilmartin had assumed command of the Solaria shortly after the ship returned to the fleet from the 'rescue' of the Achilles. With the disturbing news that all of the Solaria vipers loaned to the Achilles had been rendered useless by a cylon virus once again, Commander Hanson had ordered all Solaria vipers grounded, leaving the Achilles and her lone Squadron to handle the CAP. It was a less than ideal situation, one that the ships Chief Engineer had even been drafted in to work on. That left the CIC in the hands of Kilmartin and Yates for a few hours and, if Yates was anything like Jonathan, he'd be praying that the Cylons didn't show up right now.

"I remember when I was a kid, must have been maybe 3. My mom took me flying in a Mk I viper. Sitting on her lap, I remember I could barely see over the consoles to that sliver of virgon-blue sky. I remember the controls a stick and throttle, an analog radio and some basic radar. She always claimed it was easier back then, maybe it was better to." Coop said, his eye still reading over the latest reports.

"Technology is a wonderful thing..." Kilmartin whispered as his gaze eventually diverted from the DRADIS and towards the Captain. "Until your toaster starts bouncing and nukes your homeworld."

With that, the doors to the CIC flew open, and in stormed the Commander, a face like thunder. "Report!" the Commander ordered sternly.

"We remain at condition one sir. All is quiet around the fleet. CAP has reported no sightings and Achilles has assumed the night watch," Kilmartin informed as he passed a clipboard of the latest reports across to the Commander.

Hanson perused the pad of paper and then glanced at the Captain also stood at the table. "Captain Yates, have the fleet go to condition two," he ordered.

Cooper nodded and picked up the phone. "Solaria to the fleet, set condition two through out the fleet." He said. A few moments later the officer monitored the comms reported that the fleet confirmed and was now at condition.

"The fleet is at condition two." Yates said to the commander.

With the fleet having been reduced to condition two, Hanson's job was done for the evening. "Captain Yates, you have the CIC. I'll be in my quarters if you need anything," and with that, the Commander and the new Officer of the Deck left the CIC deep in conversation.

Yates gave and affirmative response and watched the two leave.


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