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Hot & Bothered

Posted on Wed Feb 28th, 2018 @ 12:48pm by Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall & Ensign Marcus Kivicus [Cleric]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Workout Room - Solaria
Timeline: PCH - 9, 2300 Hours

Amaris had been in the gym for the last hour; she had been moving with a passion, channeling all of her anxiety into her exercize. As soon as she recognized that most crew occupied the gym in the mornings, she’d changed her workout schedule to an evening one. She was the only one in the room at this hour and she could work without every really having to wait for someone to vacate the equipment she desired to use. At present, she was sitting on the floor with her back against a lifting bench and a heavy bar in her hands, resting on her stomach. She was working her abdominal muscles by lifting her body up in a stretching motion.

Marcus couldn’t sleep which was nothing new since the attack, so he decided to work it out. He was dressed in basic gym attire, shoes with no socks, black jogging shorts and a tank top. The original plan was go for a run but when he passed the gym and only saw one person he decided to enter. He looked at the women on the floor but it didn't register that was the ship's XO. He did a few stretches watching the women as he stretched.

Amaris noticed the newcomer, but didn't look over as she was in the middle of her last rep. She strained against the last two extension and then, carefully slumped back into her seated position, her chest heaving from her heavy breath. At this point, she noticed the looks from the new arrival, thinking that she recognised him from the pilots briefing. She said nothing, instead moving the bar off of her body and pulling herself up into a standing position.

When she stood he recognized her, 'oh frak that's the XO’. He quickly stood at attention, “Good evening Commander.”

“It's Lieutenant Colonel, actually. She corrected as she moved to the next machine. “You're a pilot, right?”

“Yes ma’am raptor pilot. Callsign Cleric.” He went over to the squat machine and loaded some weight on the bar.

“That's an interesting nickname.” she said, rather disinterestedly as she stepped up onto the treadmill. She turned it on and begin to run. Her body moved with the familiar motion of running and she put her hand on her stomach momentarily. She was wearing a pink sports bra and form-fitting black leggings.

He had removed his tank top and positioned himself under the bar, facing in her direction. “I got it in basic flight, and the fact I carry a prayer book in my flight suit.” He then took the bar off the hooks and squatted 6 times. His body wasn't ripped but he had a decent six pack, and everything else was toned well. He continued to watch her as he squatted, eyes moving up her body making note of how tone and athletic she was that he was a typical male and noticed all her other assets.

Amaris visibly rolled her eyes when he’d mentioned the prayer book; she was very cynical and didn’t believe in gods, ferries, or goblins. She thought it was all a silly escape from reality: there was no truth beyond the human will to survive. She was distracted from her disdain, however, by the appearance of his fit body. She concentrated on his face for the first time as she jogged on the treadmill; he was handsome, and she noticed his wandering eyes. Her mind wondered for a moment and she allowed it to do so as she looked around, anywhere else but at the man in front of her. She felt an instant warmth between her thighs strong enough to make her stomach hurt for a moment. She looked back at him, pushing the thoughts out of her mind and cranking her treadmill up to a running speed. She always got this way when she was depressed.

“So, Cleric.” she said with newfound determination to talk about something else. “What’s your actual name.?”

“Marcus Kivicus ma’am.” He said between reps as he added more weight. On his back was a long scar running from his left shoulder blade to the hem of his shorts. He used the distraction of changing weights to 'adjust’ his shorts. As he moved back under the bar again and started to squat again. Watching her as she jogged his mind too wondered a bit.

“Marcus,” she said. “Where are you from and what brings you to Solaria at the end of the world?” she asked as she jogged, her breath speeding up. She kept her eyes straight-forward.

He racked the weights, using his shirt to wipe sweat from his face. “Scorpia ma’am. I was a freight pilot for the shipyard on scorpia, when the toasters hit it. I was able to escape but my folks not so lucky. What about you Colonel? What is a brilliant bright and beautiful daughter of an admiral doing on the second most badass ship of the first cylon war?” He asked her as he moved over to the rowing machine just behind the treadmills.

His question struck her uncomfortably. She didn’t like being identified by her father, but she felt strangely endeared to the compliments he was offering. She was feeling particularly human, and him calling her “brilliant, bright, and beautiful” only made her feel more-so; like a woman, and not a force of nature. She resented it. She wanted more. She pushed her feelings aside again, reminding herself who she was and who she was supposed to be in front of junior officers.

“I was assigned as XO during the decommissioning of this ship and the finishing and commissioning of the new Mercury Class Battlestar Solaria.” she said as she ran, sweat beginning to glisten on her face and chest. Her curly hair began to puff from the humidity and bounced with each step. Her breath sped up. “Obviously, we didn’t get that far.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am didn't mean offend you or to cause you discomfort with mentioning of your father. I been asking around about my Command structure just so i know what i’m dealing with and what not to say. Which clearly this goes in the folder of ‘Don't talk about it’.” he said sweat now building heavily on his toned chest. He didn't realize until that moment when he looked up he had a prime spot to watch her very toned butt as she ran. It threw him off on his movements on the rowing machine. He tried to look away and think of anything else.

“I’m not that sensitive.” she said, still running. “You don’t have to apologize to me about that.” She looked over at him and noticed his starring again. He wasn’t very discreet at all. Inwardly, she smiled. His eyes made her feel attractive. Outwardly, however, her expression remained neutral. She felt the pressure between her legs intensify and she rolled her hips slightly as she ran to evaluate the situation. As she ran, her full lips parted to allow for deeper breathing and she turned her head to face the pilot again. She looked at him, her brown eyes intense and pointed. “I come here at night to be alone.” she said simply, her eyes conveying a passion her shaky voice wouldn’t allow. Perhaps making him feel unwelcome would help her navigate her biological delima.

“My apologies Ma’am I'll just quietly finish up my routine and allow you to have your quiet again.” He was slightly hurt but understood the need of being let to handle the daily stressors and he was sure there was quite a few of them. Taking one last glance at her then went back to rowing staring at his shoes. Doesn't mean his mind wasn't in the gutter.

Amaris rolled her eyes as she ran. “Are you always such a pushover, Marcus?” she asked, suddenly feeling annoyed by how compliant he was. She really was an enigma this evening; unpredictable in her thoughts and feelings. What exactly did she want from him? Did he want him to shrug and say “Oh well”?

He looked at her a second, trying to form an answer that well might not put him in the brig. 'Frak it’ he thought “are you always this cold to people even in basic conversations? I understand having to maintain a sense of …… arrogance and dominance but don't you have the right to be human as well?” He said standing and then walked over to get his shirt.

“I’m not always cold.” she said, a smile crossing her face for some reason as she ran, so out of breath at this point that she was hardly able to speak. “And believe me, I’m human just like you.” She marched along silently for a few more seconds before she lowered the speed, leaving her at a jogging pace. “I saw you looking at me, Lieutenant.” she said, no hesitation or fear in her eyes. “Seems like you like the cold.”

He turned towards her “I did like the cold until frostbite set in. And ma’am I'm only a little old Ensign. If you excuse me Ma’am I need to go shower now.” then started for the door kinda angry at her and himself for making a fool of them both.

Amaris rolled her eyes at his weakness, her jogging slowing gradually as she began to rest. He was very sensitive, it seemed, and she had no time for it. The sensations she’d been feeling fell into the background, drowned out by new information of physical and emotional exhaustion. By the time she stepped off the treadmill, she felt normal again. It’s possible the Ensign’s emotional frailty had saved her from making a bad mistake; she should be grateful.


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