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An ECO, hooray!

Posted on Tue Mar 13th, 2018 @ 6:37pm by Lieutenant JG Brent Rivers & Ensign Elijah Monroe [Sidekick]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Hangar Deck

Brent wasn't flying at the moment. Orders from the CAG, something about not having an ECO. Brent couldnt argue with that, because it was true. Most of his flying had been boring and pointless message runs save for that one SAR op he flew with a Vipor pilot in back. admittedly he sort of enjoyed seeing a Viper jock do some real work but it wasn't the same.
CAG had told him to wait by his raptor for a bit, so wait he did. He didn't have the slightest idea what he was waiting on. But he knew an order when he heard one.

A somewhat disgruntled Monroe made his way across the hangar deck quickly, bemused didn't even cut it. He'd checked the roster to find that he'd no longer be assigned to Raptor 9-2-5, the very bird he'd spent the better part of his career assigned too and that one that had seen him to safety after the Cylon's had hit. Yet, he'd been pulled away from her and Johnson, both of them being reassigned to the Achilles.
Once he clocked Brent, he worked on making himself look more agreeable, "Ensign Monroe, reporting as your ECO, sir".
he greeted diligently once he could be heard, a hand snapping sharply to his brow.

"At ease.' Brent said. "Relax." he added, returning the salute. Gods, we'll have to fix that! he thought. Brent preferred a relaxed feel to his bird. "Pleasure to meet you, Monroe. Call me Brent." he said, lowering his hand from "salute" to "handshake."

"Eli or Sidekick's fine by me, sir" he smiled, though it didn't quite meet his eyes, as he shook the pilot's hand, "I'm pretty easy going that way, si - Brent" Even after three years, he was still prone to referring to Johnson as sir, O'Hare would never have allowed anything but.

"Brent or Bargain. either or." he smiled. "I'm glad to meet you." he added. "Sidekick huh? Interesting callsign for an ECO." he chuckled.

Eli smiled fondly, "thank my father for that, it's what he called me growing it and it stuck", he'd barely had time to think about his father since they left a doomed Scorpia, it was too hard to fathom his fate, he was thankful to be the fleet; something to keep him occupied, "what about yours?"

"Parents were bankers. Always wanted to save a cubit wherever they could. They caught wind of it when I was a nugget, and thus "Bargain" was born." he smiled.

Elijah chuckled softly, shaking his head, "I'm glad I got away with my own," he looked at the raptor, "This the bird?" Even though they were all virtually the same internally, he almost felt as though he'd need time to adjust to the foreign Raptor.

"Indeed." he smiled. "That's our bird alright." he smiled.
Elijah nodded, "mind if I take a look around? See if she is up to my standard?" the ECO joked.

"Go right ahead, Eli. I just drive the thing, you make it work!" he chuckled.

"Thanks," Elijah replied before climbing up the raptor's wing and entering it, wondering how long it had been since it's last diagnostic.

"May be a little wonky, Eli. They had me doing message runs before crap hit the fan." he smiled. "Boooring stuff. And all they cared about was "would it fly." he smiled

"Sturdy birds though, she's probably fine" , Eli guessed, his voice louder to make sure Brent could hear him. The screen booted up in front of him and he began to run a series of diagnostic programs, "what happened to your last ECO, if you don't mind me asking?" he called out cautiously, but mostly guessed that they had been rotated out.

"Got rotated out to help train nuggets." he replied. "Last I heard. "

"Fair enough, my pilot and bird got reassigned to the Achilles" He shrugged even though the gesture was unseen.

Brent nodded."Cool hte replied, going to stand by the door

The next hour or so proceeded the same way, Elijah calling out questions whilst he tinkered stopping each time to wait for Brent's reply. It would take time but maybe they would create a cohesive team.


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