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Viper Incident

Posted on Fri Mar 23rd, 2018 @ 7:36pm by Commander Mitchell Hanson & Gunnery Sergeant Malik DeVos & Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall & Captain Alethea Graystone [Astraea] & Lieutenant Leonidas Lochlan & Ensign Marcus Kivicus [Cleric] & Chief Petty Officer Jorja-An Chrisjenson & Lieutenant Darius Kendall [Nightlight] & Sergeant Desmond Westbrooks & Corporal Oliver Haskell & Captain Alden Kenly & Lieutenant Keziah Walker & Lieutenant Ariella Arnold [Bandit]

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Hangar Bay - BS Solaria

With the Solaria back among the fleet and her smaller counterpart now in charge of the Combat Air Patrol, the Commander was fuming in a way that none of the crew had yet seen. As soon as the ship had completed its FTL jump and he had passed command of the CIC to Major Kilmartin, he had summoned a vast array of people to the Port Hangar Deck including a contingent of Marines led by the Master at Arms.

He marched down the corridors of the Solaria towards his destination, the Marines and the XO in tow as he remained silent the whole way. Today was NOT going well.

He had summoned every senior pilot in the Air Group, along with the Chief of the Deck, the senior LSO and, surprisingly, the Chief Engineer.

Alethea was pissed off, someone had frakked up royally and if it wasn't for pure luck the Solaria would now have been down a full squadron and a CAG. Someone needed to pay for it and whoever was responsible would, if she had any say on it.

Lieutenant Arnold was slumped against a nearby Raptor, her arms folded and her gaze trained on all those around her in the bay. She had no idea why she had been summoned, but she waited patiently anyway, listening to the random conversations taking place and noting the tension levels of different people.

Cleric was there just like most the other pilots. He wasn't sure why he was there just that he was and so was Falcon.

Falcon just shook his head and looked at his watch, "damn it I was supposed to meet that blonde from the galley 10 minutes ago." he mumbled to Cleric.

Lieutenant Keziah Walker, the senior LSO, and the person responsible for all take off and landing procedures had met up with Captain Alden Kenly in the corridor and the two could be seen whispering as they entered the hangar deck, only to be greeted by one very annoyed looking CAG and several other pilots.

Jorja-An was reviewing several of the repair reports, while she waited for AHtBL (All Hell to Break Lose). She watched as Non-Pilot Officers arrived on her deck. She passed the report back to the Crewmen that brought it to her and sent him on his way.

Along with the Commander was his small group of Marines, one of whom was Corporal Oliver Haskell. He'd actually been off-duty, but as expected with almost all Condition One alerts, he had sprung to action and reported in accordingly, and was soon given orders to gear up and accompany a team of his fellow soldiers as security escort for the CO. He had little idea why so many people were being summoned to the hangar deck, but he reckoned it was going to be something important.

Like all Marines, he forced himself to push aside other matters consuming his mind, in order to focus solely on his job. The thought of Jamie being not just alive but on this very ship was difficult to suppress. As much as his quiet elation lured him towards the idea of abandoning his post and dashing off to sickbay to see his boyfriend - who he had presumed he'd forever lost since the day of the attack - the more disciplined half of his brain reminded him that doing so would land him in a lot more than just some hot water.

And so the young Marine kept walking, hands gripped firmly on his rifle, and did exactly as he was told.

"What the hell happened out there, Captain?" Kenly asked as he and Walker came to a stand still near two of the bent Vipers.

"That is what I would like to know!" came the booming voice of the approaching Commander as he, the Marine team and the Colonel came to a stand still. With a single hand gesture, he dispatched the Marines and they moved to take up positions at the various exit points of the Hangar Deck. Not necessarily to stop those present from escaping, but to stop others from entering too. The Commander set his gaze on the CAG. "Well?"

"Sir, the Cylon Basestar jumped in and rapidly deployed Raiders. I ordered all Vipers to clear the way for the Raptor to jump away. As the Raiders approached all our systems started to fail, like during the Fall." Alethea paused for a second, still not quite sure how the next part came to be. "Sir, only the Solaria Vipers were affected. The ones from Achilles were just fine"

"That's not possible," Hanson shook his head as he listened to the woman speak. "Doctor Arrius wiped all the Vipers of that virus. Every engagement since, they have been fine. Until today. Something has changed," he declared.

"With all due respect, sir. If she fixed them she sure did a poor frakking job at it. If they had fired even a single shot you would now be down a full squadron and possibly a Patrolstar with the Vipers that would be left" Alethea replied.

"If this was an accident, it wouldn't have only happened with the ships on Solaria, but on Achilles too." the XO chimed in. "That alone suggests that this was a deliberate act of sabotage."

"Hang the frak on," Lieutenant Arnold commented as she stepped forward. "Are you accusing us of colluding with the Cylons?"

"No one is accusing anyone of anything," Hanson frowned before swiftly adding, "yet."

"So, why am I here?" Kenly queried. "My people don't come up here and neither do I," he added. It was true, he was a snipe and they rarely ventured out of Engineering. They didn't even have the authorization to be on the deck at all hours.

"Everyone in this room, with the exception of you, Captain Kenly, has round the clock access to the craft aboard Solaria. Even the Commander and the Colonel. We need to launch an investigation and you, Captain, are the best, independent person to carry out the investigation," Gunnery Sergeant DeVos informed, an eye of suspicion working its way around the room.

Jorja-An had listened to getting backhanded accused of helping the frakking toasters. "Sirs, it seems that you are accusing me and my knuckledraggers of having a hand in this treason."

"I just told you," Hanson scowled, "no one is accused of anything yet. Everyone here is under suspicion, and rightly so. Until we know what has happened to our fighters, and who did it, everyone is under suspicion. Captain Kenly, you will conduct your investigation and feedback to the Colonel and I as soon as possible. The Marine guard will remain on both hangar decks until further notice. Until then, all Vipers are grounded with the exception of the Achilles crew," the Commander instructed firmly. "Everyone here will co-operate fully with the Captain's investigation. Is that clear?"

"Sir? are we confined to quarters or still able to go about normal duties?" Cleric asked standing off to the side with ECO just to his left near the front of the Raptor.

"Everyone goes about their daily duties with respect to the rules the Commander just laid out." Amaris said, glaring at the Ensign. She'd only had one personal interaction with him and it hadn't been pleasant.

Hanson gave one last glare to the individuals in the room before swiftly turning about and heading for the exit.

"That's a dismissal, everyone." the Colonel said, still remaining where Hanson once was. "Keep your noses clean; if you didn't do anything wrong, there's nothing to fear except for those who did."

Jorja-An glared back at the Commander, before she turned and walked back over to several of her knuckledraggers waiting for her. She frowned at them and shook her head. She knew this 'investigation' was going to be a pure nightmare and witch hunt.


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