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Random meeting

Posted on Sun Apr 15th, 2018 @ 5:12am by Lieutenant JG Ayesha Myers [Echo] & Lieutenant Colonel Amaris Kendall

Mission: Traitorous Endeavours
Location: Gym
Timeline: MD14 ish


Ayesha was bored, and her daily tasks were complete. She was still in a cast but she refused to let that stop her maintaining her routine. She got changed into workout gear and headed to the Gym. She entered and looked around. There was only one other person there. She noted the woman and recognized her as Darius' sister. Choosing not to be run off, she moved over to one of the free treadmills and set it up. She was restricted to walking and leg weights, so the program she set was pretty easy. Easy equaled boring to her but she had no choice. As she climbed onto the treadmill she nodded in greeting to the Colonel. "Colonel" She said politely.

Amaris watched as the new arrival stepped onto the treadmill next to her. She was running at a moderate pace and her breath was relatively controlled, so she could still speak. "Good evening." she said, with very little interest as she continued to run. After a few seconds, her eyes darted over the woman's form as she tried to identify her. She certainly looked familiar, but Amaris had no real clue who she might be. "Remind me your name." she said, more an order than a question.

"Lieutenant JG Myers, Currently assigned to Nugget training, Colonel." Ayesha replied with a brief smile before picking up her pace. She was used to such tones, having grown up in a military household.

"Ah, right." Amaris responded as she ran. Several seconds passed before she spoke again. "How are the new pilots adjusting so far?"

"Some better than others. Some see the 'glory' of being a fighter and refuse to see the reality that they are here to fight not stand by a viper and pose. Others see the fight and little else. A mix really Sir." Ayesha replied as she checked her pace. "Their first real battle will settle them into their roles. Either they will survive it or they won't."

"The danger with that is, how many people will they get killed while they learn their lessons?" Amaris asked as she jogged along. It wasn't hard to see that pilots weren't her favorites. She had no real animosity toward them, but generally, she found them very unprofessional. She was a student of the CIC and she always had been. "How do you plan on burying them in training so we don't have to bury them in a fight?"

"I have booked the simulator out for the next few nights. Battles do not happen during the hours we wish them too, and I have them running drills over and over again. I do not intend to loose anyone Colonel. We need every person we can get and I am going to make sure they live long enough." Ayesha studied her out of the corner of her eye. "I also want to put a couple of the better ones, on limited duty, shuttle escorts and that sort of thing. Get them used to flying in formation with the threat of a jump hanging over their heads."

Amaris seemed to think for a split second before she responded. "Have them fly a daily CAP under your leadership." she said quickly. "I'll let Captain Graystone know you should be put on the rotation."

After a few beats of silence, Amaris turned to look at the other woman. "This assignment is a vote of confidence from Command, Lieutenant. You should think of it as such. Your skills as a pilot and your leadership skills are being put to the test. Take care how you conduct yourself....and how you spend your evenings." She gave the Lieutenant a knowing look before she deactivated her treadmill and stepped onto the floor.

"Sure I'll lead them out once the Doctors clear me again for flight. I have 3-4 weeks in a cast to go. Perhaps you can suggest another pilot?" Ayesha ignored the veiled comment about her love life, which was not all that exciting. But the comment about conduct had her shoving her annoyance down. "My father told me never to go against a Doctor. They can ground you faster than you can launch out a launch tube."

Amaris eyes moved to the woman's cast without her head turning with it. "Right." she said, dryly as her gaze moved back up to meet Ayesha's. "Have Lieutenant Kendall lead them during CAPs...and for their sake, I hope you can teach nuggets to stick landings better than you can do it yourself."

"Yeah everyone in your family is a comedian." Myers replied her tone turning cold. "I was landing fine. Kinda hard to dodge incoming munitions.. You know what? Forget it. Forget I even tried to have a conversation with you." She hopped off the treadmill. "Excuse me I have pilots to train." She grabbed her towel and stalked off muttering about people who thought they were better than others just because of their fraking rank. Darius' sister was stone cold bitch.

There was no better way to test someone then to make them upset. Scuttlebutt was true; Lieutenant Myers was a hot head. Amaris had heard of the way she'd conducted herself around that air-headed tv star they'd had the misfortune of picking up, and she'd been wondering what it meant. Now Amaris concluded there were seriously low limits to Myers' patience, even for senior officers. She watched her go and silently planned to keep an eye on her.



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